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Zendaya Just Wore the Energizer Bunny of Braids — See the Photos

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A new Zendaya movie is a true gift to beauty and fashion lovers everywhere. The actor never misses the mark when it comes to red carpet dressing, and the Dune: Part Two press cycle is no exception. For a recent photocall in London, Zendaya opted for an XXL braid that, like the Energizer Bunny of yore, just keeps going and going and going.

We’re still in the early stages of the Dune 2 promo game, but Z and her costars, including Florence Pugh, have already started turning out look after look in support of the sequel. In London, Zendaya wore her dark hair pulled tightly back from her face and slicked down. The braid begins at the nape of her neck with a large knotted base, then evolves into a chunky braid that simply doesn’t stop. It flows alllllll the way down past her hips, past her butt, finally ending mid-thigh.

Zendaya paired the braid with a slouchy plum-colored suit and wore a similar purple-red tone on her eyes; the shadow was applied all the way up to her brow bone and mixed with a shimmery gold, reminiscent of the sun setting over a desert landscape. She wore a similar eye look for the Dune premiere in Paris, with a coppery orange shadow applied all over the lid and past her temples down to her cheekbones.

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