Zendaya Getting Goth Triangle Bangs Was Not on My 2024 Celebrity Beauty Bingo Card — See Photos

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Paying attention to the haute couture shows in Paris rarely results in real-life fashion inspiration. I mean, really, where are you going to wear a structured, completely see-through lace gown so wide you wouldn’t fit in a car? But the celebrity beauty inspiration is abundant, as has already been proven at this morning’s Schiaparelli show. Jennifer Lopez revealed a drastic new haircut, and Zendaya showed up in what might be the very last hairstyle I ever would have imagined her wearing.

It’s not that Zendaya doesn’t change up her hair in big ways on a relatively frequent basis. Sometimes it feels like keeping up with her hairstyles is like watching a tennis match between a sleek bob and super-long waves. But nothing she’s done with her hair before — not even her red Met Gala chop — could have prepared us for Goth Zendaya.

Zendaya turned even more heads than usual when she arrived at Schiaparelli with her hair extra-straight and long — about mid-back. From behind, that’s not really news. From the front and sides, though, it’s a show-stopping look. She wore new baby bangs shaped into a point (much like the triangle bangs famously associated with goth girls) and two sideburn-like swathes — let’s call them temple tendrils — framed her face. (It was so windy at one point that she actually held them down.)

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