Willow Smith’s Braids Are So Long, They Don’t Even Fit in Her Latest Selfie — See Photos

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You know how some people stick to one hairstyle because they don’t think they can pull off other ones? Yeah, Willow Smith is not one of those people. Easily one of the most prolific hair chameleons of our time, the singer-songwriter has already changed up her look several times since the start of the year. Most of her 2024 styles have been braid-based, though, and the latest version is long on… well… length.

Smith’s hair has been wearing her hair nearly waist-length since February, with the first few inches from the roots beautifully braided, only to be left loose for the rest of the length. She attended Paris Fashion Week with several takes on this partially plaited look, like the many braids transitioning into two loose braids, or letting the non-braided part hang down in gorgeous waves.

Getty Images

Getty Images

But in a photo Smith posted on Wednesday, March 27, it seems that her hair is not only even longer than it’s been recently, but now it’s braided all the way to the ends.

Posted to her Instagram Stories, the selfie — both makeup-free and shirt-free — shows Smith with sunlight pouring onto her skin and, of course, her braids. Middle-parted, they appear to reach well past her pants’ waistline and straight out of the frame of the photo.

Instagram/Willow Smith

Even though Smith changes up her hair a lot, we can’t help but hope she sticks to these incredible braids for a while. After all, if there’s anyone who can think of creative ways to style them, it’s her.

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