Why Travis Kelce Didn’t Attend All of Taylor Swift’s Stockholm Eras Tour Shows

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Travis Kelce’s European reunion with Taylor Swift started in Paris, France and ended in Lake Como, Italy. While the Kansas City Chiefs player is in the off-season right now, he did not travel with his girlfriend to Sweden for her Stockholm Eras Tour shows over the weekend.

Work beckoned him back home instead. Kelce left Europe to fly back to Kansas City, Missouri, where he hosted his music festival, Kelce Jam, on Saturday, May 18. On the event’s red carpet, Kelce spoke to E! about what advice Swift gave him.

“[She said,] ‘Go out and have fun,’” he recalled. “She wishes she was here, I know that, but she’s got a lot of people she’s performing for.”

He also told sports journalist The Schmo there that his top three favorite Taylor Swift songs are “‘Blank Space,’ ‘The Alchemy,’ and ‘So High School. Which makes sense, considering the latter two songs are believed to be about him.

So, will Kelce fly back to Europe to attend Swift’s Eras Tour shows in Portugal this Friday and Saturday? That remains unclear. The football player may have another work commitment taking him back to California though: His role in Ryan Murphy’s Grotesquerie, which started filming this month. (It is the reason Kelce only attended Swift’s last Paris show.)

Kelce teased on Wednesday’s episode of his podcast, New Heights, that he has a sizable part in the upcoming series. “I was kinda blown away and kinda, like, shocked that he [Ryan Murphy] was willing to give me a role like this, because it is a big role on the show,” Kelce said, via Deadline. “He seemed very confident that I’d be able to do this, and he kinda injected that in me the first conversation that we had. So hopefully I don’t bomb this for him.”

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