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Why Shawn Johnson’s Son Jett Had an Easy Transition to Big Brother

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Admittedly, Shawn Johnson East was expecting a few stumbles when 2-year-old son Jett became a big brother. 

Ahead of the Dec. 12 arrival of her and husband Andrew East‘s youngest, Barrett “Bear” Madison East, “We were nervous because he showed some signs before we had the baby of, like, it would be hard,” the Olympic gymnast revealed in an exclusive interview with E! News. “He was just very clingy and emotional.” 

But seven weeks in, the toddler has taken his brother in as his own tiny cub. 

“Jett has actually done really, really well,” said the athlete, 32. “This little dude is his baby. He wakes up asking about him, he breaks out of his [own] room and breaks into his room. I mean, he’s in love with him and we try to celebrate that instead of hold him back, which has been really fun.” 

Daughter Drew, 4, is similarly obsessed: “We haven’t had to deal with jealousy or he harsh transition with them,” Shawn added. “We’ve had a great experience and they’ve been little helpers, which has been awesome.”

Really, the whole clan has stuck the landing on the advanced move that is becoming a family of five.

Credit Mom and Dad’s veteran play of giving their elder two kids gifts and handwritten letters from the baby or just some four-plus years of trial and error, but, “I definitely think two to three has been our easiest transition,” explained Shawn. “Zero to one was our hardest. It’s just a massive change in lifestyle. Then, it was one to two because we had multiples. So, this one’s been the easiest. It has been a lot getting used to multiples and figuring out a baby again. But we’ve had a lot of fun with it.”

Instagram / Shawn Johnson

This go-round, continued Shawn, they’ve ignored anyone cautioning against contact naps and just soaked in the snuggles. 

“There’s so many people who try to drill into you what you should and shouldn’t do with babies,” she explained of learning to tune out even the faintest hint of mom shaming. “And so with our first, I was like, she has to nap in her crib and she can’t be held too much or whatever. And this time I’m like, ‘No, I love him on me.'”

Because while she wouldn’t change anything about those early days with Drew and Jett per se, “I wish I could go back to my daughter and my son and enjoy the chaos and the pain of newborn life as much as we are this time. It is our last. We can tell. And we’re trying to like just truly soak it in.”

For now, moments with her eldest are somewhat hard to come by, with Andrew having to run point with the big kids while she tends to her newborn. 

“I miss my other two kids,” she acknowledged, what with most of her days consumed with feeding and diapers. “I feel like with every other kid you have, it kind of takes a little bit of time away from your others. It’s just an adjustment of how you split your time and celebrate. But in the infant baby phase, I don’t get as much time with my big kids and I miss them.”

Thankfully, the whole crew huddles up when it comes to big family traditions like their annual Super Bowl party. 

“We usually host and it’s very casual,” she said, describing her game day bash, which sees their pals and all their little ones coming over to their Nashville-area pad. “I’d say it is an adjustment this year because all of our friends have babies. So getting used to the whole mass chaos happening while we’re watching and playing, and mom-ing is definitely new.” 

To keep things easier, Shawn is turning to Target to stock up on supplies for their guests, including Andrew’s old Vanderbilt teammates. “Target has all the game day kits together—nacho kits, wing kits, all under 25 bucks which is great,” she explained. “And all the college football guys that come over, all they want is wings, always.”

Terry Wyatt/Getty Images for Target

As for who the former NFL long snapper—who enjoyed stints in Seattle, Oakland and Jacksonville—will be rooting for…

Well, sorry to Taylor Swift‘s boyfriend. Though Andrew was initially signed by the Kansas City Chiefs after graduating from college in 2015, noted Shawn, conferring with her husband off-camera, “They cut him. So, OK. We’re rooting for the Niners.”

Because in Shawn’s eyes, her husband of nearly eight years is the true VIP. “He is the best dad in the entire world and he celebrates our kids in the coolest way,” she raved. “It’s fun to watch your spouse kind of morph over the years with our babies. But to see him meet each kid where they are and truly celebrate them is so special. I hope they get all of his qualities because it’s the best.”

See for yourself by checking out the sporty family’s sweetest moments. 

Instagram / Andrew East

Welcome Baby Bear

Shawn and Andrew appear with their third baby, son Bear, in December 2023.

Gabrielle Renee Hopkins / @gabriellehopkins

Baby No. 3

Shawn Johnson East and Andrew East welcomed their third child on Dec. 12, 2023.

Gabrielle Renee Hopkins / @gabriellehopkins

Moment With Daddy

The former NFL player already has a sweet connection with baby No. 3.

Gabrielle Renee Hopkins / @gabriellehopkins

Sibling Bonding

The newborn shared a hug with big sister Drew, born in 2019, and brother Jett, born in 2021.

Gabrielle Renee Hopkins / @gabriellehopkins

Bear-y Cute

The gymnast captioned this cute shot of her thirdborn with the bear emoji.


Family of Four

Shawn and Andrew, who tied the knot in 2016, posed with Drew and Jett. She captioned the 2022 portrait, “Just the Hulk and his family.”


A House Divided

For Halloween 2023, the guys chose their fighters as the girls went for magical vibes.


Taking After Dad

“Well… can’t make this up,” Shawn wrote in August 2022. “Little dude has a new favorite toy. Giggles, smiles, won’t put it down.”


Red, White and Baby Blue

The fam was ready for fireworks on July 4, 2022. 


Pool Time

Shawn and Andrew relaxed with a swim alongside their kids.


Struttin’ Her Stuff

Drew modeled her one-piece swimsuit during a family pool day.

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