Why Coco Austin Calls Daughter Chanel Her “Little Stalker”

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While Ice-T loves Coco Austin, their daughter Chanel really can’t get enough of her.

The model and her 8-year-old are incredibly close. So connected, in fact, that Coco calls Chanel her “little stalker.”

“She won’t let me go anywhere without her,” Coco told E! News’ Francesca Amiker in an exclusive interview. “And if I do go out somewhere, she’s calling me all hours of the night, ‘When are you going to be home? What are you doing now? Okay, so what are you doing now?’ I’m like, ‘Can I get a little break?!'”

Of course, Coco doesn’t really mind all of the attention from Chanel, who taught her what “true love” really is.  

“There is a different love that you have from your husband and then a different love for your child,” Coco explained. “I can’t explain it and I didn’t know that I could love someone so much. So much.”

As for the critics who always seem to have some negative parenting comment at the ready, Coco doesn’t really care because she feels “euphoric” to have that bond with her daughter.

“People probably find it disgusting how we’re so close,” she said, “but that’s how all mothers are with their children, it’s not just me. It’s amazing.”

Jessie Marrero

But while Chanel may be her mom’s shadow, that doesn’t mean she wants to follow exactly in her footsteps—though Coco is confident her daughter will work in the entertainment industry.

“I know she’s going to be in the limelight somehow,” Coco explained. “I know that because her personality is too live. She has a lot going on in that little brain and she likes to show it. She’s not shy to show it.”

But, Coco continued, Chanel has her “own path” that she’s ready to tread. 

“She’s trying to be not like me,” Coco said. “She’s like, ‘I want to be a model but I don’t want to be my mom-type model.’ So I’m the sexy, she’s like the anti-sexy. Whatever I am doing, she’s the anti of that, but she still wants to be in the same category.”

After recently being signed by a talent agency, Chanel is now auditioning for roles in movies and TV shows. 

“I’m not pushing her, like, she must do it, so it’s fun for her,” Coco explained. “It’s fun to play with her, to see what she can do with a part on her own.”

But no matter what Chanel decides to do with her life, Coco does want her kid to be just like her in one particular way.


“I know I’m a kind person,” Coco shared, “and I want her to be a kind person.”

Coco feels confident she’s raising a nice person, especially after receiving compliments about her parenting from the party planner she worked with from Nevaeh-Leh Events & Planning to throw Chanel’s extravagant 8th birthday celebration earlier this month

“‘Chanel is so, so lovable and kind. She said thank you to everything we were giving her and you can tell her soul is a kind-hearted person,'” Coco recalled the woman telling her. “As a mother, that’s so nice because all I want her to be is that.”

She added with a laugh, “I don’t want her to grow up to be a psychopath. There’s so many of them out there!”

Continue scrolling for more memorable snaps from Ice-T, Coco and Chanel’s family world:


My Angel

“Arrived,” Coco wrote from The Guitar Hotel in Florida in June 2023 while giving Chanel a piggy-back ride in front of some rainbow angel wings.


Pinky Promise

“First day on vacation!” Coco wrote in June 2023. “Thank you @sugardollllz for always coming through, keeping Chanel and mines matching flow going!”

Michael Buckner/Variety via Getty Images

Red Carpet Moment

Chanel and Coco Austin supported Ice-T during his Walk of Fame ceremony in February 2023.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Walk of Fame Fam

The family of three posed in front of his newly minted star in Los Angeles.


If the Shoe Fits!

Baby Chanel enjoyed a shopping outing with her mom in Prague and showed that she’s not too young to share in the fun.


Daddy’s Girl

“Every moment with daddy is super cool..Even Cheeto time!! Late night snack on bus,” mom captioned this picture of quality father-daughter time while the rapper is on tour.


Summer Fun

The model and her little one soaked up the sun at their house in Arizona.



“Someone caught me in mom’s shoe closest again…So I guess I’ll strike some of my poses,” Coco captioned the shot of the cute tot showing off her modeling abilities.


Growing Collection

The then 2-year-old child showed off her enviable collection of toys in this adorable post.


Royal Family

The famous family visited the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas and sat upon a gold throne.


Makin’ It Rain

Starting young! Chanel threw money in this hilarious imagine which was captioned, “Baby Hustler.”

Brad Barket/Getty Images for NARAS

Backstage VIP

While celebrating music’s biggest weekend, the mother-daughter duo visits the WowWee table featuring crystal-studded Fingerlings at the GRAMMY Gift Lounge.


High Five

At 13 months, Chanel is growing up to be a big star!


Thumbs Up

It’s family day at iPic Theaters as Ice-T and Coco bring Chanel to see The Girl on the Train


Bling, Bling

Little Chanel dresses up for New York Fashion Week with a pair of custom, crystal-embellished sneakers because she’s just cool like that.



So adorable! Chanel is always ready for her close-up.


Boss Baby

What’s a baby girl to do with so many headbands and bows? Look cute, of course!


Shoe Game

Coco better watch out because Chanel’s got her eyes on mama’s heels!



Aww! Chanel is having the time of her life playing peek-a-boo with dad.


Flamingo Cutie

“Don’t hate on my pink flamingo outfit!” her mom wrote.


Up and at ‘Em

Baby Chanel is held by her mother in between her besties, Spartacus and Maximus.


Giddy Up

Baby Chanel hitches a ride with Spartacus.


Twinning Again!

The mother-daughter duo are all smiles in their matching striped swimsuits.


Tutu Cute

Chanel looked quite happy to be spending the day with her mama on a photo shoot!

Coco / Snapchat

Sound Check

The baby watches her dad perform with the band Body Count in Arizona.


Dog Sitters

Chanel appears with her big brothers Spartacus and Maximus.


Daddy’s Little Girl

The baby appears with her father in a photo posted on her (yes her) Instagram page.

Coco / Snapchat

Meal Time!

The baby tries solid food for the first time.


“Instagram Famous”

Well, obviously… She is a superstar.


Hats Off to a Baby Fashion Icon

Chanel’s style is effortlessly cute–just look at those sunflowers!

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