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Where Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper’s ‘Undefined’ Relationship Stands as the Holidays Begin

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Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper are still seeing each other…and no one else. A source spoke to Us Weekly about where things stand between them and why they aren’t exactly a defined couple yet. Page Six, meanwhile, reported that Cooper, who is from Pennsylvania, bought a home near Hadid’s house there.

Regarding their status, the source told Us, “They haven’t had ‘the talk’ in terms of their relationship status, but neither of them is seeing [anyone else].” Their romance is “going really well,” the source said, adding they hope to spend time together over the holidays. They also are planning to introduce their daughters, 6-year-old Lea de Seine (Cooper’s child with ex Irina Shayk) and 3-year-old Khai (Hadid’s with ex Zayn Malik).

“That’s been on their radar [for] the near future,” the source said.

With the house purchase, Page Six learned that Cooper bought property near New Hope, Pennsylvania. In October, Cooper and Hadid were seen at New Hope’s River House at Odette’s, per People, which is close to her mother Yolanda’s horse farm.

“They were both here at the same time,” a River House regular told the outlet. “The roof bar [where they were seen] is for members and hotel guests only.” Hadid is a member and frequent guest of the hotel.

Hadid and her ex-boyfriend Zayn Malik owned a farmhouse in the New Hope area too, but following their split, it is less clear publicly whether they are still there. Malik and Hadid do spend considerable time in Pennsylvania with their daughter though, with Malik revealing earlier this year that he lives in the state.

This is the second update on Cooper and Hadid to come out this month. On December 6, a source told Entertainment Tonight, “Gigi and Bradley are spending a significant amount of time together when their schedules allow for it. They have introduced each other to their immediate, close-knit circles. [Mom] Yolanda [Hadid] and [sister] Bella [Hadid] could not be more supportive.”

“Gigi and Bradley get along well and have similar personalities,” the source continued. “Underneath it all, they are both goofy, love to laugh, travel, and spend time with their family and friends. They are genuinely happy and taking things day by day. Fame doesn’t phase either one of them, and they admire that about each other.”

Regarding their exes Shayk and Malik, a source told Entertainment Tonight that same day, “Gigi, Bradley, Irina, and Zayn are all in a place where they want each person to be happy and healthy. Zayn’s priority is to have a good co-parenting relationship with Gigi.”

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