We’ve Never Seen Cardi B’s Hair Quite Like This — See the Photos

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Cardi B is one of our favorite beauty chameleons. The rapper never sticks to one look for long, changing up her vibe with the help of wigs, makeup, and manicures. (Remember the razor-thin brows?) We thought we’d seen Cardi in every hair length, style, and color of the rainbow, but in true Cardi fashion, she had a surprise up her sleeve.

Cardi is the latest celebrity to put her spin on the coquette trend, as evidenced by a new photo set shared on her Instagram. In the photos, the “Enough” singer is wearing an accessory we’ve never seen her in before: a bow! Her hair is pulled up and back into a perky ponytail at the crown of her head, and right atop said ponytail is a pretty white bow with long ribbons trailing down to her shoulders.

But wait … is Cardi also wearing a Y2K “pouf” with her bow-moment? It certainly looks like it! A small portion of her hair is teased ever so subtly for that signature “pouf” right at the front, which adds to the flirty, coquettish vibe of the ponytail and bow. We’ve heard whispers that the pouf is due for a comeback, and this is definitely the cutest way to bring it up to speed for 2024 should you want to revisit the trend.

The bow has been the It hair accessory of the past year, so it’s not a total surprise to see it pop up as part of Cardi’s glam. Zendaya recently wore a big white bow with her long braid on the red carpet, and Hailey Bieber spent summer 2023 experimenting with hair ribbons. Cardi herself has worn a bow before, but one made of hair instead of the ribbon variety.

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