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We Tried Glow Recipe’s New Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Hue Drops Sun Glow Serum on Three Different Skin Tones

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Using my fingertips, I began with spreading the product across my cheeks, and then the rest of my face with an additional pump of product. For someone who resembles my complexion, or with a deeper skin tone, I would say it complements well as a dewy bronzed hue more than a golden finish.

That being said, I found that the formula brought back that illuminated summertime glow that perked up my skin (and mood) within moments of application. I did have a bit of excess product on my hand, where I swiped off most for my face. I can see myself bringing the excess product left on my hand down my neck to my décolleté, adding a sultry subtle shimmer to my collarbones and shoulders during the summertime when strapless and tank tops become my uniform.

Before applying the Hue Drops. Wearing only moisturizer and facial sunscreen.

After applying two pumps worth of Hue Drops, on top of her moisturizer and facial sunscreen.

Truthfully, I’m pretty minimal with my skin-care routine, mainly because I cannot stand the feeling of a gunky, thick layer of product sitting on top of my skin, so I tread lightly when it comes to adding layers to my routine without meaning. This product, being a skin-care-infused one that brings glow, color, and added skin benefits without feeling sticky or thick, makes it an obvious add-on in my book.

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Jessica Cruel, editor in chief

Right off the bat, editor in chief Jessica Cruel notes how nice and whipped texture is as she dispensed the product straight onto her cheekbone for the first time. Similar to my experience, Cruel did not see much of a color difference after blending in the product with her fingertips but appreciated the warm glow it gave to the high points of her face.

“I’d use the Hue Drops as a primer before makeup or mixed into my foundation to add dewiness,” Cruel says. But as a highlighter alone? Cruel prefers a thicker formula, like a powder, in its place.

Cruel applying the Hue Drops

Cruel after applying the Hue Drops

Hunter Lacey, associate special projects director

“I love the uber-soft pearly formula,” Hunter Lacey, associate special projects director, says of the Hue Drops. It gives his fair skin tone an undetectable, shimmery glow. “A lot of ‘bronzed products’ pull super orange on my complexion, but this gave the faintest whisper of a skin-kissed tint,” he shares.

Lacey used Hue Drops as a primer, which layered beautifully under his foundation. While the bronzed, color payoff wasn’t extreme, it left a “dewy, subtle bronze sheen” against his alabaster skin.

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