[Video] Introducing APAC Support & Coverage in Traackr

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Today we’re excited to announce APAC (Asia-Pacific) support and coverage in Traackr. This is a major step forward in our mission to enable global scale influencer programs for our customers.

Influencer Marketing in APAC

APAC boasts the highest number of active social media users in the world and influencer marketing has quickly emerged as one of the most effective and widely used marketing strategies in the region. That said, scaling influencer programs across the region presents both opportunities and challenges. 

As APAC is made up of many countries, each with their own languages and cultures, influencers (also referred to as Key Opinion Leaders or KOLs in the region) tend to have a high concentration of their audience in their local countries. This makes them a very efficient channel for reaching local audiences. At the same time, it also means topical influencers tend to differ from country to country. 

As a result, discovering the right influencers to partner with and managing influencer campaigns in each APAC country becomes a hefty effort. Furthermore, ensuring consistency and coordination when scaling influencer programs across the region becomes a complex task.

Scale Your Influencer Program Across APAC and Beyond

As the data-driven influencer marketing platform and the only global system of record for influencer marketing, Traackr is uniquely suited to solve these challenges for our customers. And that’s exactly what we’re delivering with this release.

With this release, our customers can now:

  • Discover the right local influencers to partner with in each APAC country
  • Manage local influencer campaigns with APAC language and currency support
  • Measure performance across campaigns and countries
  • Establish a consistent and coordinated influencer program

What’s more, by adding APAC to our list of supported regions, Traackr now provides coverage across 49 countries, 26 languages, and 39 currencies spanning the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and the Middle East, making global scale influencer programs a reality for our customers.

Don’t just take it from me, see for yourself…

For Traackr customers, log into your account and give these new capabilities a try. We’re excited to hear what you think.

For those new to Traackr and interested in learning more, let’s get you set up with a demo of the platform.

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