Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Veteran and Entrepreneur Justin Shaw Launches Freedom Digital Ventures, Serves Small Businesses

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Are you looking for a perfect means to advertise your business? You probably started a small business and want exposure but need an idea of how to do it. The growth of small businesses is essential for the general growth of the economy. However, many small businesses don’t make it through a few years. One of the factors contributing to this is the lack of a market. Digital marketing is one of the best methods to advertise your products. However, you need help figuring out where to start. Freedom Digital Ventures will solve this problem, granting you enough exposure for your business through digital marketing.

Justin Shaw is the founder of Freedom Digital Ventures, offering digital marketing solutions to small businesses nationally. He’s a retired, 23-year United States Navy veteran. After retiring, Justin wanted to impact society by helping grow small businesses. He notes, “The Navy instilled in me a responsibility to identify and fulfill needs, and my primary goal is to help small business partners succeed in strategic marketing.” He adds that digital marketing is about an experience between businesses and their clients and not about selling products.

His mission for freedom in business is an inspiration from his past. Justin was born in Sacramento, Calif, and raised in Bailey, Colo. His childhood is characterized by sports and adventure in the vast Colorado mountain wilderness. In 2000, after high school, he enlisted in the Navy and earned a bachelor’s degree. He was commissioned as a Navy officer in 2012 and will retire in March 2023. As a Naval officer, Justin learned the most critical entrepreneurship skills and earned numerous military awards.

Justin identified the need for an urgent focus on small businesses and created Freedom Digital Ventures. Freedom Digital Ventures is booming in the digital marketing agency field, helping many small businesses achieve their freedom. The company’s focus is the advertisements within the automotive industry to include auto detailing, sales, and repair services, among others. The agency offers new and quality digital marketing strategies and solutions that directly impact growth while ensuring repetitive clients. Freedom Digital Ventures aims at the freedom to have fun in business. It’s time to focus on the bigger goal as Freedom Digital Ventures takes care of the marketing.

“Because freedom is a privilege, its importance cannot be overstated,” Justin notes. According to him, freedom involves having fun. He brings this fun into business to help others achieve their goals. He notes that serving others and offering them freedom allows you to experience your freedom. “You cannot place a price on freedom, so it is the foundation of Freedom Digital Ventures,” he says.

Freedom Digital Ventures’ goal is to expand its service boundaries beyond the automotive arena to serve more clients. The company aims to acquire more clients and partners while offering freedom to various small businesses. Tackling a digital marketing challenge to acquire spontaneous growth in your business is as easy as being part of the company. Contact Freedom Digital Ventures through Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, and the website for your digital marketing solutions.

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