Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Traackr Launches New Brand Tools to Measure Impact of Social Commerce in the Influencer Economy

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Traackr Launches New Social Commerce Tools

Due to a pandemic-driven boom to online shopping and social media use, brands are seeking better methods to attribute and measure sales driven by organic and sponsored influencer activations. Traackr, the leading influencer marketing platform, today announced the addition of new social commerce capabilities that empower brand marketers to better attribute sales from influencer partnerships and measure the impact of influencer programs on revenue.

Traackr’s social commerce capabilities deliver an end-to-end workflow to increase traffic from social media to a brand’s ecommerce site, drive sales, streamline commission payments to influencers, and provide transparent metrics to measure their impact.

“Influencers have become the new storefront, as we have seen platforms like TikTok and Instagram make it even easier for influencers and their followers to share and shop the brands they love,” says Pierre-Loic Assayag, CEO, Traackr. “Our customers know influencers drive sales directly from social networks to their online shops, but have wanted a better way to measure and prove the ROI of their influencer marketing programs. With this release, Traackr has brought together everything brands need to evaluate the impact of influencers on each stage of the customer journey–from awareness and consideration, all the way through to conversion.”

Key social commerce features now included in the Traackr platform include:

  • Attribution modeling: define specific models and commission structures
  • Unique link management: easily create, assign and share tracking links with large groups of influencers
  • Conversion tracking: measure clicks, conversions and revenue generated by individual influencers
  • Commission payments: calculate and send payments directly to influencers
  • Ecommerce integration: directly integrate with ecommerce sites including those powered by Shopify, BigCommerce and Magento. 

Early adopters of Traackr’s social commerce tools include global beauty, fashion, beverage and consumer technology brands working with influencers to raise brand awareness and drive traffic to online stores via social networks.

“Traffic from social networks and specifically from influencer generated content has become a significant driver of sales for brands,” says Assayag. “Traackr’s social commerce tools are a game changer for marketers who can now clearly measure the impact of influencer campaigns on sales and evolve their strategy in line with the data. With Traackr, brands can learn exactly which influencers move the needle and shift investment into the programs that perform the best.”

You can learn more about Traackr’s social commerce capabilities here.

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