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Top Must-Have Products that Amazon Influencers Can’t Live Without

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We interviewed these Amazon Influencers because we think you’ll like their picks. These influencers mentioned are paid spokespeople for the Amazon Influencer Program. E! has affiliate relationships, so we may get a commission if you purchase something through our links. Items are sold by the retailer, not E!. Prices are accurate as of publish time.

If there’s anyone who knows which products are worthy of checking out on Amazon, it’s influencers. With a lifestyle that consists of living on social media and recommending items to their followers, they’re constantly on the lookout for the best products to test out. That’s why we interviewed a few Amazon influencers who gave us the inside scoop on the best essentials everyone needs in their life. From beauty and skincare products they keep in their bags 24/7 to kitchen must-haves that have upgraded their cooking skills, they shared a variety of items they’ve currently been obsessing over.

When we asked which Amazon product they carry in their bag, beauty and lifestyle influencer Anca Andor whipped out a chic lippy, “I love this because it’s like a lip oil and I’m wearing it right now and it’s so nice. It’s by Clarins and you apply it in the morning, and you basically don’t ever have to touch up.” Fashion and lifestyle influencer Alyssa Lenore also told us “I always carry my Torriden lip essence“, which she can’t leave the house without.

We also asked about products that have made their life easier, with many of them mentioning how they constantly carry around a portable light. Johnnybell Sanchez, another lifestyle influencer who’s a mom of three, told us about an “influencer light” with suction cups that can be attached anywhere, while Makho Ndlovu, style influencer and media personality, gave a shout-out to the famous “Alix Earle light that you clip on top”, calling it a “game changer”. Fashion and beauty influencer Gregoria Reyes-Lou told us her secret to crisp videos, telling us about the “lens cleaner wipes” that keep her “content fresh”.

Now, when it comes to the kitchen, both Anca and Makho raved over a veggie chopper they recommend to everyone. With Anca mentioning how “life-changing” it is, and Makho telling us how it’s upgraded her meal prep, “You know, when you cut up onions and your hands smell of onions? Forget that. And also, when you’re cooking the prep work takes so much work. When you get a vegetable slicer, it does that for you. And then here’s the best part. It does it in consistent little chunks and it slices it so perfect. So, that one is also a great hostess gift, but just good to have in the kitchen.”

If you’re ready to start shopping for these influencer-approved products on Amazon, keep scrolling for more picks you’ll want to snag up immediately. 

Torriden Ceramide Lip Essence

When asked about the Amazon product she takes everywhere, Alyssa Lenore told E! “I always carry my Torriden lip essence, I’ve been through so many lip balms and this is my number one.”

BAGAIL 8-Set Packing Cubes

When it comes to making traveling less stressful, Anca Andor recommends using packing cubes, “I always thought that they were overrated and then I started using them, and I’m like, why have I not before? They save so much space in your luggage and they help you stay organized too.”

Winthome Wearable Blanket Hoodie

Another favorite of Alyssa’s is a blanket hoodie, which is perfect for staying home and snuggling up on the couch. “I have been living in it all week and it’s just a great way if you’re the type that likes to float around your house, but you want to be in the comfort of a blanket. Highly highly recommend getting a blanket hoodie.”

Clarins Lip Comfort Oil

If you’re curious about Anca’s favorite lippy that she carries in her bag, she told E! all about the Clarins lip oil, “they come in a bunch of different colors, I’m wearing red for the holidays, but it’s so nice because it’s not like sticky or dry or anything and it gives you that just like really nice, plumpy lip.”

Newmowa 60 LED High Power Rechargeable Light

If there’s any product that many influencers are currently obsessed with, it’s a portable selfie light. Makho Ndlovu calls it a “game changer. So you take your picture and it looks all right. When you put that light on top, it’s like you’re walking around with a professional photographer. It just changes up, it lights up your face, it shows all the dimensions. It’s amazing.”

MagSuction Silicone Suction Cup

If you’re looking to instantly upgrade your selfie setup, Johnnybell Sanchez reveals she attaches these silicone suction cups to her light, “I love this sticky thing… I have it on my phone as well and I stick it everywhere.”

Le’raze Premium 20oz Glass Tumbler

Makho also mentions her favorite water bottle that she got from Amazon, “It’s like huge, the tumbler, and then you have the bamboo lid and then it has that metal straw. When things look pretty, it just encourages me to drink more water.”

Conair Power Steam Handheld Steamer

Always on the go? Add a Conair steamer to your cart just like Gregoria Reyes-Lou did, “I’m always changing and trying new looks for the whole family and it’s a busy time of the year. We’re going from day to night and we wanna look fresh and guess what? It has same-day delivery. I just saw that my favorite steamer is available. It’s the Conair one.”

COSORI Air Fryer Oven Pro II

When it comes to last-minute gifts, Makho tells E! you can never go wrong with a Cosori air fryer. “I love to get stuff that people can actually use, right? And one that I always recommend to people is the air fryer. They always come out with different iterations every year and they just get better and better. So yeah, an air fryer is practical, and you will actually enjoy making all the recipes.”

Fullstar Vegetable Chopper

If there’s any kitchen must-have everyone needs, Anca recommends the “Fullstar veggie chopper… it’s life-changing. I share this all the time and whenever I hear of someone that doesn’t have it, I’m like, you are going to save so much time in the kitchen with meal prep. It takes you one-third of the time to chop your veggies. That way you still have them for dinner time, but you’re spending less time in the kitchen.”

Care Touch Lens Cleaning Wipes

Gregoria also reveals to E! the product she carries in her bag that helps take her content up a notch, “I carry my lens cleaner, the wipes. It’s always the one thing that keeps my content fresh. People just ask, what phone do you have? I’m like it’s the 15. But you know what? The wipes. That’s what saves the day.”

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