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Top Influencer Marketing Strategy Templates

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If you work in influencer marketing, you’ve likely been often told to achieve “more with less.” 

Achieving better results with less time and money is no easy battle. These top influencer marketing strategy templates will help eliminate the busy work of your responsibilities, allowing you to be more efficient with your time. 

  1. Influencer Brief Template
  2. Influencer Contract Template
  3. Influencer Marketing Campaign Report Template
  4. Influencer Program Budget Template

1. Influencer Brief Template

A great influencer brief can make or break a creator’s experience with your brand. Since a brief is one of the first ways an influencer interacts with your brand and your team, it can set the tone for the partnership (and even determine whether you’ll work together again).

That being said, writing a good influencer brief can be easier said than done.

Get access to our Influencer Brief Template (comes in a handy slide deck) that you can use as a starting point for creating your own personalized version for your creators.

Need more inspiration? Check out this article on how to write a good influencer brief and how Bite Toothpaste’s influencer brief boosted their product seeding campaign success!

2. Influencer Contract Template

Commissioning an influencer for their content requires a legal contract. Why? To ensure there are no miscommunications, and to protect both your brand’s and the influencer’s rights. 

Creating a clear influencer contract will help your influencers understand the requirements of the campaign and outline the fair compensation the influencer will receive for their work. It will also eliminate any legal troubles down the road.

Download our Influencer Contract Template, which includes the essential elements of any influencer contract like,

  • Standard term agreements 
  • Scope of work 
  • Advertising Regulation Requirements
  • Compensation
  • Confidentiality and Exclusivity 
  • Standard Conditions

For further reading, you can also check out our blog article to get more information on what should be included in an influencer contract.

3. Influencer Marketing Campaign Report Template 

Influencer marketing campaign reporting can be one of the most intimidating parts of influencer marketing. You might be asking yourself: 

  1. What are the most important content, platform, and influencer statistics to include? 
  2. Did my influencer marketing campaign perform well relative to my budget?
  3. What insights can I glean that will improve our influencer marketing performance?

This Influencer Marketing Campaign Report Template includes the essential elements of any influencer marketing reporting including, 

  • Campaign results 
  • Content insights 
  • Creator performance 
  • Social platform performance 
  • Key learnings and next steps 

For more information on what you should include in your influencer marketing campaign reporting, read this article

4. Influencer Program Budget Template 

Improving your influencer marketing ROI can rely heavily on how well you manage your influencer program budget. You should always be asking yourself:

  • Which influencers, content types and platforms performed best?
  • And, which influencers, content types, and platforms had the best spend efficiency?

The good news? Asking the right questions can put you on the right path.

This interactive Influencer Program Budget Template will help you evaluate your influencer marketing budget and improve your ROI!

In case you need it, here’s an additional guide to improving your influencer marketing ROI

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