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Top 10 Indie Hair Care Brands in Influencer Marketing

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What are some of the rising and top hair care brands that are seeing a lot of success in influencer marketing? Below we share a list of the top 10, ranked by VIT (Brand Vitality Score).

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Top 10 Indie Hair Care Brands by VIT

Top 10 Indie Hair Care Brands in Influencer Marketing

1. K18: VIT 104.2K

2. Color Wow Hair: VIT 55.3K

3. Gisou: VIT 40K

4. Dae: VIT 35.6K

5. Moroccanoil: VIT 22K

6. Vegamour: VIT 20.4K

7. Prose: VIT 14.6K

8. Virtue Labs: VIT 13.8K

9. Fable & Mane: VIT 9.5K

10. Crown Affair: VIT 6.4K

Curious to get more insights? Download the full influencer marketing report.

What is VIT?

In 2019, Traackr introduced the Brand Vitality Score (VIT) to measure the attention your brand earns among influencers. Specifically, VIT measures the visibility, impact and trust of influencer content mentioning your brand. Our goal was to create a system that will actually help you understand how your influencer marketing campaigns are working and what you can do to improve. 

VIT is composed of three elements: 

  1. Visibility (reach of content),
  2. Impact (engagement generated)
  3. Trust (quality of content on brand image). 

Each is measured separately and combined to generate a single score. You can use VIT to measure the success of a post or campaign, create meaningful brand rankings and improve the reliability of your ROI and investment models.

Learn more about VIT and how it differs from EMV.

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