Toan Digital Launches “AuthorUp” to Help Writers Share Their Story

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In the age of digitalization, people judge a book by more than its cover. With over 65% of all book sales coming online, a strong digital presence is a necessity for authors looking to connect with their readers.

But believe it or not, most writers don’t want to spend their energy focusing on the digital marketing of their books. They want to focus on writing their books!

That’s where Toan Digital comes in. Founded in January of 2021, Toan Digital is the brainchild of two childhood friends, Killian Lennon and Curtis Staropoli. Their mission is simple: help people establish their digital presence and grow their audience.

After over 2 years of partnership with authors and PR firms, Toan Digital has officially announced the launch of AuthorUp, a tool for authors who want to elevate their online presence. Through customized web design, brand creation, and social media setup, writers can now feel confident and aligned with their digital representation.

The process is seamless. Share with them your story, your book, your goals, your budget…etc. After Toan has listened and fully retained your perspective, they go to work and create a virtual reflection of your vision in a manner that positions you for growth. You then tell them if they’re warm or cold with their visual representation. They adjust accordingly until you’re happy and boom! You have a beautiful and functional online presence.

The intention of AuthorUp is to give writers an opportunity to properly introduce themselves to readers across the web. By building an authentic digital representation for each client, AuthorUp acts as an extension of the book itself. Just like a cover, or an illustration, or an introduction chapter; an author’s website is a place to make a first impression and encapsulate the storyline. The art is creating a fluid experience for the user that communicates the tone of the book and encourages people to give it a read.

AuthorUp overcomes this challenge by utilizing leading-edge and quantifiable web design tactics. All sites come with SSL protection, modern features, fast loading speeds, and mobile friendly optimization. Once this strong foundation is laid, Toan then provides analytics and other marketing strategies to help authors leverage their site to grow their community.

If this type of collaborative and efficient digital strategy resonates with you, check out AuthorUp for more information. If you aren’t a writer, Toan Digital also supports small businesses in other industries. Click here to see if they can help you and your business.

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