Thursday, July 25, 2024

“Tiramisu Hair” Is Actually a Fitting Name for Nicole Scherzinger’s New Color — See the Photos

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The year 2023 was all about foodie beauty trends: cinnamon cookie butter brunette, blueberry milk manicures, latte eyes, strawberry glazed donut lips. You name it, we slathered it on our faces as though beauty was a buffet and we were simply trying a bite of everything. It was sweet tooth city! One delicious dish that didn’t get a moment in the spotlight, however, was tiramisu — until now, thanks to Nicole Scherzinger’s new hair color.

Scherzinger’s latest transformation has arrived just in time to show up the rest of those foodie beauty microtrends. See ya never, cherry cola hair! (I kid, I kid.) Hairstylist Dimitris Giannetos, who frequently works with the Masked Singer host, named the dimensional honey-blonde color “tiramisu,” inspired by the layers of the classic Italian dessert. Scherzinger’s roots are a light, warm caramel shade evolving into a sun-streaked honey blonde all the way to her hips, with the ends so pale they’re nearly platinum. If you think of it like the iconic dessert, the roots resemble the cocoa dusting on top; the darker blonde tones represent the ladyfinger layer; and the baby blonde tips are like that creamy, dreamy mascarpone cheese. OK, yum! Anyone want to meet me for dessert?

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