Saturday, April 20, 2024

Tia Mowry. Caramel Thigh-Length Micro Braids. That’s All I Need to Say — See the Photos

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Allow Tia Mowry and her thigh-length braids to be your weekend inspiration, even if you’re not heading off on a beach vacation anytime soon.

The actor wore the microbraids for a trip to Thailand with her children, calling the experience a “healing journey” that helped her get in touch with her priorities and purpose in life and take a well-deserved break from her busy life. The braids flowed past her hips all the way to mid-thigh, and their soft, beachy caramel color was perfect for a tropical setting.

In most of the pics, Mowry is barefaced while soaking in the scenery and playing in the ocean, looking happy, relaxed, and at peace. In another snap, Mowry paired the braids with minimal makeup save for a bright red lipstick, an effortlessly glam vacation look if I’ve ever seen one.

We love watching Mowry change up her hairstyles, like space buns, knee-length braids, and pink bobs. In June 2023, she shared the process of cutting her hair into a curly pixie — a representation of a new chapter in her life. “Hair holds memories, whether good or bad. It stays around and that weight is carried on your shoulders,” she said of the transformation. “It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the past and the feeling of being unable to outrun it or push past it. Every few years, I do a big chop, no longer trying to outrun the past but instead to embrace the future … This is a rebirth.”

It looks like the Thailand trip was exactly what Mowry and her kids needed going into 2024. Taking the time to relax, connect, and enjoy quality time with family is the best way to start a new year. “The blessing of being able to do this soul-searching amidst the beauty of Thailand is something I hold dear, but I am committed to incorporating these practices of slowing down into my everyday life,” she wrote. That’s something we can all take to heart.

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