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These Spring 2024 Nail Art Trends Are Inspiring Us to Do the Most With Our Manicure

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This spring, we lay to rest the minimal manicures that ruled our fingertips for the past year. “Many of 2024’s trends are rebelling against the previously reigning ‘clean girl’ look,” says Los Angeles-based nail artist and Lottie London artist in residence Chaun Legend. So what’s next, you ask? Beauty experts are predicting a widespread return to maximalism this year (it’s already evident in TikTok’s 2016-inspired Mob Wife makeup trend) — and nail designs are no exception. All of spring 2024’s nail trends make a statement with bold art and flashy details.

Artists are getting creative with their finishing touches: The classic French manicure is gilded in gold-dipped tips and pastels are getting the “cateye” treatment. You can expect new textures — like crocodile print — and the addition of 3D jewels to make designs pop. “More nail suppliers are releasing products that create three-dimensional effects,” says Rita Pinto, founder of NYC-based nail salon Vanity Projects. And, of course, the popular chrome manicure isn’t going anywhere.

Even our favorite neutrals and more subtle polishes are getting an eye-catching twist. Los Angeles-based nail artist Honey predicts jelly nails — which have a soft, cloud-like effect — will replace the milky nails of the past. Ahead, more experts share the top nail looks they predict will be all over our feeds this spring.

Meet the experts:

Nail Jewels

Even the most basic manicure looks like it took a whole lot of effort when you add sparkling 3D nail jewels. “We’re going to be seeing more textured nail art, specifically gel designs that are not only fun to look at but also fun to touch,” says Hailey Cohen a nail artist in Wichita Falls, Texas.

Pick your favorite stone or mix metals, like silver and gold studs. For a more subtle look, adorn a solid-colored manicure with dainty gold pearls.

Jelly Nails

Instagram / @kawaiinailsnyc

Instagram / @nailsbynisa

“This look has a Y2K vibe with a futuristic twist,” says California-based nail artist and V Beauty Pure educator Noodle Yess. Reach for a nail polish with a jelly finish like Lights Lacquer Cherry Jelly or go for a set of jelly-tinted press-ons like the Kiss Gel Fantasy Jelly Color Press-Ons. If you’re in a pinch, mix a few drops of your desired nail polish color with clear nail polish to achieve the perfect sheer shade. The fewer coats, the more transparent the effect will be.

Glitter Aura Nails

Instagram / @nylove_nail

Zola Ganzorigt

Aura nails are nothing new… but Honey does have a suggestion to make them glisten: Swap out the chrome of last year for a layer of glitter over the aura designs. “I recommend using UN/DN LAQR in shade Deep Breath, made with a mylar glitter to make your nails pop,” says Honey.

Cat Eye Nails

Instagram / @_citre

Annie Blay

Cat Eye nails are back in a fresh palette. This spring, experiment with the glittering finish over seasonal colors like pastel yellows and soft, muted blues. If you can’t make a trip to the salon, a simple DIY way to achieve this look is with a magnetic nail polish like the V Beauty Pure Rainbow Cat Eye polish. After coating your nails in the polish, “use a nail magnet to manipulate the particles into any design you’d like,” says Yess.

French Croc

The mob wife trend on TikTok has revived our love for animal print. As much as we love leopard spots, Legend says crocodile-print nails are the most popular choice right now. Rather than painting your entire nail in this bold texture, Legend suggests embossing French tips with the design in earth tones.

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