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The Spring Hair Color Trends of 2024 Are Jolting Us Out of Hibernation

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Do you see that? Is that…? No, it can’t be. Wait — yes! The sun is headed our way (and hanging out past 5 p.m.)! It’s bringing warmer weather too! What a relief. It’s enough to make us feel downright optimistic.

So optimistic, in fact, that the icy blondes and cool brunettes of winter just don’t feel right anymore. We’re forecasting some serious warmth for this year’s Spring hair colors. Instead of ash-toned brunette, we’re seeing a heat wave of spiced-toffee brunette and sumptuous chocolate. Instead of platinum, we’re envisioning golden, face-framing highlights and maybe a perky coral.  

To help you find a new shade for spring, we spoke to the experts about which spring hair colors are trending, who these looks work best for, and how to get the colors for yourself. 

Meet the experts:


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Not quite a blonde, not quite a brunette: This magical in-between shade has a name, and her name is bronde. (She’s pleased to meet you, and yes, she knows her name is a little odd.) Taylor Swift knows all about her. “I think many people are looking for a more low-maintenance hair color — more lived-in,” says New York City-based colorist Gigi Blasini, adding that this middle-ground color won’t require a salon visit more than every 8 to 10 weeks. “You may only need to get a gloss for tone, depending on how quickly your hair grows.”

24-Karat Gold

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What’s more valuable than pure gold? A hair color that looks like pure gold. Well okay, maybe not technically, but a bombshell blonde (like the color seen here on Jennifer Coolidge) will always make you feel like a million bucks. It’s all about finding a shade that plays well with your skin tone, says New York City-based colorist Kirsten Stuke. “People have been scared of warmth, but if it’s personalized, those tones are the most flattering.” While it’s possible for anyone to go blonde, the tone will always vary based on the natural color you’re starting with (hence the personalization), and darker hair colors may need root touch-ups every six to eight weeks. 

Spiced Toffee

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As TikTok can attest, whatever Jenna Ortega says, goes. Spiced-toffee hair with hints of gold, red, and pink? Consider it done. “Tones like this are bright and reflective. It’s very captivating,” says Stuke. “This color would look great with an olive complexion, but can be tailored to anyone.” If you have a cooler skin tone, Stuke recommends using Barbie Ferreira or Sydney Sweeney as salon inspiration. 


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Coral is a natural evolution from the many shades of copper we’ve seen on celebs in the past year, says Stuke. The newest iteration is copper, but with a punk rock attitude. If you’re ready to perk up your hair for spring, Busy Phillips’ lived-in, cool-girl pink is an easy transition. Says Stuke, “Adding a lively gold to red is what makes the color coral.”

Coppered Red

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Copper, of course, isn’t going anywhere. If pink isn’t your vibe, Ice Spice’s deeper, coppered red is a little more dramatic and sexy. It’s also a simple single-process transformation, says colorist Mariah Joseph, and one that can be customized to suit any skin tone. “Note that these shades do fade quickly, so you may want to be at the salon every four to six weeks, at least for a gloss and root touch to retain vibrancy.” 

Soft Green

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If variations on blonde or copper trends make you yawn, this soft green makes more of a statement. “The key here is to emphasize the ‘antiqued’ aspect when you request this color,” says Karly Cerrone, the colorist behind Tina Leung’s perfect-for-spring green hair. “This is a softening filter for the color that makes it look more expensive and inspired by nature.” You can also fine-tune the green to your liking — more blue for a mint shade or a splash of yellow for sage. But it does require a commitment. For the green to read, says Cerrone, “your colorist will need to first bring you to a clean, pale platinum. Deeper shades of antiqued teal are an option for less bleaching.”

Golden Spritz

Warm hair tones may be trending, but you may prefer to dip your toes in the pool before jumping in cannonball-style, which is totally fair. A few touches of face-framing gold, like Beyoncé’s here, is a nice compromise. “At the salon, ask your colorist to add a little bit more lightness to the existing tones in your hair,” says colorist Maggie Castellanos. Bonus: This look doesn’t require much maintenance. Says Castellanos, “If your hair starts to grow out or looks a little dull, come into the salon for a refresh anywhere between four and six months.”

Chocolate Brunette

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“Brown” has always seemed like such a sad word for such a sexy color. We prefer “chocolate,” which sounds as sumptuous as it looks, here on Michelle Yeoh with some subtle tone-on-tone highlights. Says colorist Jan-Marie Arteca-Lozada, “Tone-on-tone highlights give dimension to color without stark contrast.” Touch-ups can wait for 8 to 12 weeks, Arteca-Lozada notes. Add a gloss for extra head-turning power. 

Rooty Blonde

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The greatest invention of the 2000s? Grown-out color. Okay, fine, Bluetooth and camera phones were pretty great too. But if those inventions made our lives easier, so does letting our roots show, which is why we’re thrilled to see it trending again in 2023 on the likes of Elizabeth Debicki. “You’ll want to discuss with your colorist the best way to incorporate your natural color back into your hair,” says colorist Joel Mowen. “They will work to make sure the color blends through, to appear as if it is shining throughout in a chic and natural way.” Afterward? No maintenance needed. 

Bright Copper

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Emma Roberts’ radiant color is precisely the shade of a brand-new penny. If you’re already a redhead, you may not even need to step into a salon, says Arteca-Lozada: “There are some at-home glosses and depositing conditioners from Madison Reed and Overtone that you can use to get to this color.” For the rest of us mere mortals, a salon visit with follow-ups is key. Even single-process copper is a fussy ordeal — you’ll need to come back within four to six weeks to maintain vibrancy. 

Fiery Red

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If the Queen of Hearts were a human — and not, you know, a card — Karen Elson’s fiery red would undoubtedly be her official royal hair color. It requires a lot of maintenance (so yes, quite the royal affair) and a dash of confidence, but it’s especially striking with fair skin, says colorist Daniel Sanchez. He recommends using a nourishing, color-safe shampoo and conditioner in between salon visits. “A once-a-week hair mask would also be amazing to keep the color rich and your hair healthy,” he adds.


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“This year is all about finding a true neutral,” says New York City-based colorist Cherise Wilson. This ’70s-inspired minimalist color is a perfect balance between the cool platinums and golden undertones of yore (yore being like, last fall). A purple undertone is what gives this camel color, seen here on Gigi Hadid, its sandy neutral finish. 

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