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The Photography Stories Colossal Readers Loved Most in 2022

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As we near the end of 2022, we’re reflecting on the hundreds of articles published on Colossal this year. Today, we’re taking a look at the photographs and series readers loved most. These 12 articles capture a breadth of subject matter across continents, from uncanny doppelgängers and self-portraits in disguise to dramatic winter waves and ancient trees.

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A photo of two polar bears in an abandoned building

Image © Dmitry Kokh

Arresting Photos Document the Polar Bears Occupying an Abandoned Weather Station in Russia

Set against a backdrop of dried grass, rusted tanks, and debris, a photo series by Dmitry Kokh centers on a small group of polar bears that took over an abandoned meteorological station.

A black and white portrait of two women who look alike

Image © François Brunelle

I’m Not a Look-Alike: Hundreds of Unrelated Doppelgängers Sit for François Brunelle’s Uncanny Portraits

In I’m Not a Look-Alike, Montréal-based photographer François Brunelle brings together two unrelated people who resemble each other so much that they could be twins.

A photo of glowing trees and landscape

Image © Sriram Murali

Billions of Fireflies Light Up an Indian Wildlife Reserve in Rare Footage Captured by Sriram Murali

Sriram Murali captured a rare gathering of billions of these insects at the Anamalai Tiger Reserve in western Tamil Nadu, India.

A photo of sand pillars on a beach

Image © Joshua Nowicki

Strong Winds Sculpt Frozen Sand into Otherworldly Pillars on a Lake Michigan Beach

Photographer Joshua Nowicki captured dozens ice-laden pillars, created by powerful winds eroding frozen sand and carving dozens of towering shapes haphazardly placed along the shore.

An aerial photo of aircraft on the landscape

Image © Bernhard Lang

Aerial Photos by Bernhard Lang Capture the Largest Aircraft Boneyard in the World

Housing the largest aircraft and missile facility around the globe, the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson is a trove of aviation history, and photographer Bernhard Lang visited the site to document the aircraft from above.

An image of nebula and stars

Carina Nebula

NASA’s Webb Space Telescope Reveals Astounding, Unprecedented Views of the Universe

Back in July, NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope unveiled its first-ever collection of high-resolution color images capturing an exceptional amount of detail about the universe.

A photo of a dramatic wave

Image © Trevor Pottelberg

Forceful Waves Rip Across Lake Erie in Tempestuous Photos by Trevor Pottelberg

When fall and winter storms send turbulent waves across Lake Erie, Canadian photographer Trevor Pottelberg documents the volatile eruptions that burst from the water’s surface.

An image of a woman wearing glasses and a patterned garment that blends in with the backdrop

Image © Thandiwe Muriu

Vibrant Textiles and Repurposed Eyewear Camouflage the Subjects of Thandiwe Muriu’s Celebratory Portraiture

From chunky hair beads and rollers to sink strainers and brake pedals, Nairobi-based photographer Thandiwe Muriu finds fashionable use for ordinary objects.

A black and white image of a massive tree

Image © Beth Moon

Majestic Photos Capture the Dwindling Population of Madagascar’s Ancient Baobab Trees

Bay Area photographer Beth Moon has been documenting baobabs since 2006, capturing the magnificent trees throughout Madagascar, Senegal, and South Africa.

An image of a crocodile with babies on its back

Image © Dhritiman Mukherjee

Over 100 Young Crocodiles Find Refuge on Their Father’s Back in India’s Chambal River

Photographer and conservationist Dhritiman Mukherjee visited the National Chambal Sanctuary southeast of New Dehli where he captured striking images of a father swimming through the murky river with more than 100 young clinging to his back.

An image of a person wearing a costume of colorful plastic jugs

Image © Stéphan Gladieu

Photographer Stéphan Gladieu Documents the Congolese Street Children Turning Waste into Wonder

In the face of this ecological disaster, the young people of Kinshasa began to repurpose waste into traditional religious costumes, which artist Stéphan Gladieu documents in the Homo Détritus series.

A photo of a mossy, gnarled forest

Image © Neil Burnell

Moss Drapes from Trees in Ethereal Photographs of England’s Forests by Neil Burnell

The remarkable atmosphere of Dartmoor’s forests are captured by Devon-based photographer Neil Burnell, who focuses on the mystical, otherworldly environments through all four seasons.

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