The Moments We Live For

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Life is made up of a series of individual moments, woven together to create a tapestry entirely unique to you. Some of these events and memories, however, are more profound than others. In any given calendar year, these can take the form of a graduation ceremony or a well-deserved work promotion, the blessing of becoming a mother, or a particularly significant birthday. And it’s always worth taking a mindful pause to honor these milestones with a toast—and/or a treat!

A well-made luxury watch has always been a go-to gift for milestone moments because it symbolizes the passage of time: You can glance down at your wrist and reflect on the past, present, and future all at once. So we partnered with Michele to come up with the perfect timepiece to accompany five different life achievements.

Those with a penchant for horology are likely already familiar with this women’s brand—Michele is renowned for its exquisite collection of watches with Swiss movement. Within the assortment you’ll find timepieces that feature hand-set diamonds, 18-karat-gold platings, stainless steel, signature seven-link bracelets, premium mother-of-pearl dials, and more. Here, our five selections to go with momentous gifting occasions.

The Esteemed Graduate

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Add to the excitement of flipping their tassel from one side to the other with this lovely timepiece. The design nods to the geometric shapes of the Art Deco era, and features 120 hand-set brilliant-cut diamonds along the bezel and mother-of-pearl dial. Finishing touches like a mother-of-pearl dial and Michele’s stainless steel seven-link bracelet gives the watch an elegant balance that’s easy to style: Dress it up for a job interview, and down for low-key weekends.

Deco Stainless Diamond Watch

The Big Promotion

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It’s about so much more than a raise (though that’s appreciated too!): A promotion signals that their hard work has paid off, and it’s time to move to the next career stage. What better way to applaud the accomplishment than with a luxury timepiece? This striking two-tone stainless and 18-karat gold-plated watch glistens with 148 hand-set diamonds on both the bezel and the silver-white sunray dial. While it would pair well with workwear staples, like a tailored blazer, it also translates to festive occasions such as an elegant dinner and cocktails with friends.

Deco Madison Mid Two-Tone Diamond Watch

The First-Time Mom

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There are few life events as momentous as welcoming a child into the world. Becoming a mother is truly momentous, and deserves a special celebration, such as this refined but statement-making signature timepiece. It boasts 126 sparkling hand-set diamonds adorning the bezel and dial (including double-diamond markings at each hour), and the two-tone stainless and 18-karat gold-plated bracelet lends versatility when she’s layering with other jewelry. This is the kind of heirloom she’ll want to pass onto the little one someday.

Deco Mid Two-Tone 18K Gold Diamond Watch

A Milestone Birthday

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While each and every birthday is worth toasting, some inevitably feel especially notable—18, 21, and any of the ones ending in a zero, of course. There are also birthdays that have special meaning to a special person in your life, such as a cancer survivor. And a high-quality watch is always both welcome and suitable for commemorating another adventure around the sun. This two-tone stainless and 18-karat gold-plated option stands out with its rectangular case, 120 brilliant-cut diamonds, and three sub eyes accented with gold foil. The finishing touch of a mother-of-pearl dial provides a soft glow, making this a perfect accessory for all occasions.

Deco Two-Tone 18k Gold Diamond Watch


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One lovely tradition to kick off marriage festivities is sending a gift to one’s significant other just before the ceremony. A timeless watch imbued with symbolism cements the romance—all the more when it’s this 18-karat-gold plated one with 120 hand-set brilliant-cut diamonds. The ultimate investment piece, it will be worn and treasured throughout all the phases of the marriage—and what could be more appropriate than that?

Deco 18k Gold Diamond Watch

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