The Earmuffs Fluffy Enough to Keep Both Ears and Cheeks Warm

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As the weather continues to fluctuate between pleasant spring and bitter winter, it has became clear to me that I need to be better prepared for the unpredictable nature (no pun intended) of the current atmosphere. While I attempted the fuzzy bucket hat look last year, I quickly realized I needed something less static-inducing and less likely to fall off of my head.

Enter: earmuffs — the underdog of the winter season. 

Emi Jay Sugar Muffs, $44, available here.

Emi Jay Sugar Muffs, $44, available here.

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In my search, dozens of options with a flat, headband-like body flooded my results. And although they would have gotten the job done, they were no match for these ultra-fluffy ones Emi Jay gifted me. Not only are they practical, they’re also extremely cute. Each muff features a star on its side, accompanied by a bejeweled heart charm for an extra sprinkle of cool. Even top It-girls like Matilda Djerf approve. 

Faux fur is fluffed to the maximum to keep not just ears warm, but the sides of your face and head, too. These “Sugar Muffs,” as the brand calls them, are the perfect accessory for this season.

Emi Jay Sugar Muffs, $44, available here.

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