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The Cavernous Bat Trang Pottery Museum Swells Upward Like a Hand-Thrown Ceramic Vessel

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a terracotta building with tiers

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The historic village of Bat Trang in northern Vietnam has been a hub for ceramic production since the 11th century. Home to vast reserves of white clay, the town’s economy is still deeply rooted in creating and selling various functional and decorative objects, while becoming increasingly popular for tourism.

In homage to the village’s enduring traditions, the architects of 1+1>2 studio designed the Bat Trang Pottery Museum, a spacious, four-story venue devoted to sharing the history of the region and offering a space where local artisans can showcase their works. Constructed with fiber-reinforced concrete, the building swells upward in tiers to evoke the shape of vessels thrown on a potter’s wheel, while the terracotta color references the earthen material and bricks used in kilns.

Comprised of seven segments, the museum is a multi-use space. Exhibitions, festivals, and studios occupy much of the building with a restaurant and auditorium on the fourth floor. Lush with potted plants, the rooftop features a workshop, play area, and space for people to gather in the open air.

Find more about the project on the studio’s website. (via designboom)

a terracotta building with tiers and rooftop garden

a rooftop garden

a cavernous building with a skylight and tiered ceiling

a rooftop garden

left: a tiered cavernous building. right: a rooftop garden

an aerial view of a curvy rooftop garden in the middle of buildings

#1+1>2 #architecture #pottery #Vietnam

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