The Bachelor: Why Shellfish Almost Sent a Contestant Home

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The world “selfish” gets tossed around a lot in Bachelor Nation—but “shellfish?!”

On the Feb. 13 episode of The Bachelor, Zach Shallcross and the remaining women packed their bags and headed to the Bahamas. Upon arrival, Zach said, “I’m just a Bahama papa looking for his Bahama mama,” which was uncomfortable for all involved. 

However, there was no time to wallow because Zach selected Kat for the first vacation one-on-one, which involved some scuba diving, a boat ride and the pair incessantly rubbing sunscreen all over each other. Seriously, these two love sunscreen. 

After Kat opened up about her fear that she was too imperfect for Zach to love and Zach called Kat “awesome” multiple times, he gave her the date rose and the two kissed underneath a massive fireworks display—much to the chagrin of the rest of the women, who could see the sparks fly from their resort villa.

The next day, it was group date time. Zach and the women participated in a day filled with dancing, drinking and indulging in the local seafood—which was tough news for Gabi.

“I’m allergic to shellfish,” Gabi revealed. “A lot of these activities are involving shellfish. It’s a little bit tough. I want Zach to notice me. If I can’t show that I’m making an effort because I can’t make an effort, I’m kind of in the background.”

As the other ladies sampled conch fritters and lobster tail, Gabi was left distraught on the sidelines.

“I just feel like other girls are getting noticed because they’re involving themselves, and I can’t,” Gabi said. “I wanna cry. I literally can’t kiss Zach because he had shellfish.”

Poor Gabi was between a shrimp and a hard place.

Luckily, the day provided more than enough drama for Zach to forget about Gabi and her shellfish conundrum. 

After Anastasia refused Kylee‘s request to give up her spot next to Zach on the beach so the former could get some one-on-one time, Kylee said to Anastasia, “I don’t like to fight, but…”

While seemingly an innocuous comment, Anastasia ran with it and told anybody who would listen that Kylee threatened to actually throw hands.

What resulted was a war of words between Anastasia, Kylee and, ultimately, Zach. After much ballyhoo, Kylee eventually told Zach that Anastasia was only on the show to boost her Instagram following—which is basically the Bachelor kiss of death.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

Anastasia denied all of the allegations, but when it came time for the rose ceremony, it was clear that the intel was still weighing heavy on Zach.

“I can’t discredit the women that let me know there were possible ulterior motives with the Instagram followers,” he told Anastasia, before unceremoniously escorting her out of the Bahaman villa. 

“I don’t get it,” Anastasia said during her SUV ride after being dismissed. “I don’t understand where this could have come from. I’m just upset about everything that I gave up to be here. Just to be completely manipulated and lied about is really disrespectful and disappointing. I would have rather been a crazy bitch and thrown s–t around than have my integrity questioned like this.”

Once back inside, Zach still had roses to hand out—which included one for whistleblower Kylee and, yes, one for shellfish’s #1 enemy Gabi. 

Take that, conch fritters!

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC.

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