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Taurus Horoscope January 2024: Read Your Monthly Predictions

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While you may have traveled over the holidays, there’s a decent chance it was out of obligation. That’s just what you get for being a loyal Taurus. Even if you socialized nonstop, there’s a decent chance it wasn’t with your chosen family. The weekend of Saturday, January 13, offers an ideal chance to catch up with your friends, thanks to chatty Mercury entering goal-oriented Capricorn. Remember, goals are just like resolutions; they work best if you’re having fun. This is a weekend for dinner or drinks with your favorite people, swapping holiday horror stories and generally enjoying devious plots about how to have a super happy year.

Once the sun enters Aquarius on Saturday, January 20, lighting up your 10th House of Social Status, your focus is either on work or a creative passion project. At the risk of sounding like a broken record, it’s whatever makes you happy. One thing is for sure, and that’s that you’re about to get a lot of attention. Even with the stress of the recent holiday season, you’ve been chipping away at your goals, and during Aquarius season, the positive results start rolling in. This is especially true after Pluto, the transformative makeover planet, also enters your 10th House of Social Status on Saturday, January 20. It’s tricky for astrologers to make predictions about money in this economy, but whether it’s a raise or your Etsy jewelry line side hustle starting to take off, you’re going to have to shy away from, well, your shy side. People want to shower you with praise and attention, so prepare to step into the spotlight.

While we can’t promise money, we can tell you what days the stars align for abundance. On Tuesday, January 23, your ruling planet, opulent Venus, who happens to rule cash in addition to love and beauty, enters business-minded Capricorn, helping you plot. Sometimes success feels like it falls out of the stars, but the truth is, it’s always the result of long, hard work on your part. Thanks to Venus moving into Capricorn, a sign that’s all about the Benjamins, followed by a lush full moon in attention-loving Leo and your 5th House of Pleasure on Thursday, January 25, this date could bring you the news that you’ve been waiting for. Full moons are a time for manifestation and culmination. Mark it in your calendar and keep an eye on your inbox. And when independent Uranus goes direct in your sign on Friday, January 26, don’t even worry about acting humble. The weird planet wants you to brag. So remember to set realistic goals that actually spark joy; January is just the beginning of getting what you want. See you next month.

Important dates in January 2024:

Monday, January 1: Mercury goes direct in Sagittarius

Thursday, January 4: Mars enters Capricorn

Thursday, January 11: New moon in Capricorn

Saturday, January 13: Mercury enters Capricorn

Saturday, January 20: Aquarius season begins

Saturday, January 20: Pluto enters Aquarius

Tuesday, January 23: Venus enters Capricorn

Thursday, January 25: Full moon in Leo

Friday, January 26: Uranus goes direct in Taurus

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