Tap Into The Story Of The Soul: Tanja Subotic On Human Connection Through Art

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An artist at heart, creative visionary Tanja Subotic now channels her gifts to heal and inspire. An intuitive writer, storyteller, and author, Subotic aims to spread love, truth, and humanity to all those who will listen. 


The most beautiful thing about art is the message it can convey and inspire. For artist, author and entrepreneur Tanja Subotic, that message is about connecting with the divinity within ourselves and others.

With an eye to see beyond the canvas, she believes that through creation, one is able to tap into what she calls, the “story of the soul.”


“Tapping into the story of the souI means you can tap into divine wisdom and create as an expression of it. This not only helps illuminate yourself, but also the world around you and I think that’s a big part of what the world is missing,” she says.

The first time Subotic truly tapped into the story of her own soul was during a time in her life where she needed it most. Subotic shares that she was extremely sick, and looked everywhere for love and healing, but still felt heartbroken and in a deep void. She was beginning to lose hope, but then had an experience that changed everything.

“It was the first time that I experienced what true love was,” she shares. “Surprisingly, it had nothing to do with a single human around me. It had to do with God or as some say, the divine, which is the true source of all love and all creation.”


What Subotic experienced that day was an influx of love from within, and all of the negativity in her life starting to fall away very quickly- her fears, her disease, her discomfort, her pain. Up until that point, she lived in a state of constant fear but it transitioned to confidence as she began to let go and surrender to the journey.


“It was like this huge overwhelming illumination came from within me and it shifted my mind so quickly that I just picked up a pen and started writing,” she shares. “I just couldn’t stop. I barely slept because ideas would come to me in the middle of the night and I knew I had to write them down.”

Subotic is an intuitive writer, which means she has the ability to tap into divine energy to receive messages. Her first message comes in the form of a book titled, “The Golden Virtue.” For her, The Golden Virtue is about connecting with humanity in a meaningful and purposeful way. 

“I was always able to see a story through art, beyond what the eye would see. A story that connected humanity with something beyond physical life, that could carry one into the depths of their soul. True and authentic art is the story of the soul translated through various creative mediums.” Subotic says. “That one experience truly opened things up for me, and since then, I have never been able to see life the way I saw it before. I don’t see life from a perspective of pain or suffering. I think everything that has been painful is meant to bring you closer to your spirit, an invitation home to essence” she continues.

Subotic explains that we each have many relationships, with our partners, with our children, with our friends – but we don’t have a relationship with ourselves and this is a problem. The cultivation of this relationship with spirit is vitality important as it is the reservoir of truth that will harness beauty and love.


“Why are we continuously seeking and basking in things like gambling, shopping, drugs, sex, and alcohol? It’s because we’re trying to fill a void within ourselves. It’s a big disconnect,” she adds. “But when that severed cord between you and your spirit is mended back together, there’s harmony and everything comes back into full alignment and we reside in harmony.”


Subotic believes you can connect more deeply to your spirit through the act of creating, writing a journal, connecting with nature, finding your center through our natural breath. 


In one chapter of The Golden Virtue, which is a collection of stories about life and purpose, a woman who is a writer visits an art gallery where she is met by a mysterious man with an angelic essence. 


They speak with one another, and eventually he, being the symbolic presence of her high consciousness, opens up her heart to her purpose – to connect a disconnected humanity. She then goes on to create what Subotic calls, a “One Love Movement.


The protagonist in the story is a celebrated artist, and by using multiple global platforms, she pivots the social narrative from the ugly to the beautiful and inspires unity connecting the entire world utilizing the medium of creative arts. 


“She wins a Nobel Peace Prize for it, as she embodied the power to connect people where they come together as a human race, who understands we are all One,” she says. “We as a human race share the commonality of being human and we too share the same seed of life in which we were all created by Divine Source. Sometimes we think we’re all alien to each other, but we are one human race and we don’t even celebrate the gift of this life as one collective. We must learn to see into the soul of our peers and understand we are the same spirited beings veiled by the mask of our personalities,” she continues.


Through sharing her art and message, the protagonist in the story was able to connect with humanity by opening their hearts through the mediums of art inspiring beauty and love. For Subotic, this is more than just a story, but a blueprint for our humanity.


“Art is just something so incredible and beautiful to deliver. It allows you to create a connection between your mind and your body in a meaningful way,” she says. “If you allow yourself to tune in, you will be given exactly what you need to have an extraordinary illumination and heal the parts of yourself that you need to, and move forward as the individual creative expression of creation we have come here to be.” she concludes.


To immerse yourself deeper into Tanja Subotic’s prophecies and unearth other meaningful life lessons, visit her website and order a copy of her book, “The Golden Virtue,” today. 

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