Thursday, July 25, 2024

Sydney Sweeney’s 3D Bow Manicure Is My Favorite Kind of Chaos — See Photos

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By now, you know that the coquette trend — with bows being the key element of the aesthetic — has been going strong for months. Celebrities have been wearing ribbons and bows in their hair with adorable abandon, with stars like Jennifer Lopez, Mandy Moore, and most recently Megan Fox all putting their spins on it. And while Sydney Sweeney has played with the look, too, it’s how she wore bows on something other than her hair that has really taken the trend to the next level.

While lots of folks spent the weekend obsessing over the Super Bowl this weekend, Sweeney was in Valentine’s Day mode — or rather, Galentine’s Day mode, as she hosted what appears to have been a ladies-only party. And just like in Hollywood, bows were all over the place: on the walls, on the cake, on Sweeney’s dress — and while not in her hair, they were all over her nails.

Nail artist Zola Ganzorigt gave Sweeney the gorgeous set that the actor showed off on her Instagram Stories. They start with a long, oval shape painted in the prettiest pale pink – and then things go a little crazy. There are at least four different types of three-dimensional bow charms across her nails: a nearly-white ribbon-esque bow on her middle finger, a clear bow on her thumb, a bow with squiggly ends on her pointer finger, and a bow that transforms into a cherry-like shape on her ring finger.

But bows aren’t the only kind of charm on her manicure. Ganzorigt also glued on a variety of hearts, too, making an already flirty manicure feel especially romantic.

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