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Sister Wives Janelle Brown Shares Her One Marriage Regret

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Christine and Janelle Brown on Kody’s “Trash Talking” Claim

Janelle Brown wasn’t lying all those years when she proclaimed “I think we have something really awesome” during the Sister Wives opening credits. 

When it came to sharing then-husband Kody Brown with fellow wives Meri Brown, Christine Brown and Robyn Brown, “We really did have a good time,” the 54-year-old TLC star insisted during a joint sit-down with Christine and E! News’ Francesca Amiker. “And, honestly, what you see in the very beginning of the show, really was what was happening.”

But as much as she once claimed she wouldn’t want anything different, there’s one aspect that could have made their 30-year union even more awesome: a marriage certificate. 

As she sees it, before their series began its 18-seasons-and-counting run back in 2010, “It was the train wrecks making the news,” she said of plural marriages, which are outlawed in every U.S. state. “The women were disenfranchised, they were being assigned marriages.”

Which is why she’d like to propose legalizing polygamy. “The easiest way to solve that is to give a woman claim to your legal assets or your estates,” she noted. Agreed Christine, “You give this woman claim and, oh, he’s going to treat her good at that point.”

And should their romance not work out—much like Meri, Janelle and Christine‘s decades-long spiritual unions with Kody—she wouldn’t be left scrambling. 

Janelle noted she and Kody—who share kids Logan, 29, Maddie, 28, Hunter, 26, Garrison, 25, Gabriel, 22, and Savanah, 18—”had a really great run.” But if she could go back and change any aspect of their relationship, she said, “I would probably have more assets in my name.”

It’s a piece of advice she’d pass along to any woman no matter the partnership. “Take care of yourself,” she stressed, “because he could die, he could leave.” 

Chimed in Christine, cheekily referencing Kody’s now confirmed preference for fourth wife Robyn, “He could find the love of his life. Just saying.” 


It didn’t take too long for Janelle and Christine to deduce that the fourth time around was the charm for Kody. 

“We had this big, huge, awesome family and I was super excited to show it to Robyn,” Christine detailed of the moment the divorced mom and her kids, Dayton, now 23, Aurora, 21, and Breanna, 19, joined their crew. “I thought that what we had was super, super cool.”

She saw the connection Kody and Robyn shared, she continued, and “I just figured that that newlywed phase that Kody and Robyn had would fade and go away, but it never really did. He just wanted to stay there, which I get it now. I think he just found his soulmate and his true love.”

Following her 2021 separation from Kody, Christine followed suit, marrying David Woolley in October. Janelle, meanwhile, is now focused on her own No. 1: herself. 

Running her own empire that includes health coaching, a partnership with supplement brand Plexus and a soon-to-be-announced venture that’s “one I’ve dreamed about for many, many years,” she has no issue supporting herself, she insisted. “I still work, I still make money,” she explained. “What was tied up for me was the long-term assets.”

Without her name on any piece of property other than the not-yet-paid-off Coyote Pass land in Flagstaff, Ariz., that she shares with Kody, Robyn and Meri, “I had nothing,” she explained. “I’m still working on that piece.” 

The rest of it, though, is falling pretty nicely into place. 

Speaking about herself and Christine, Janelle shared, “We both have ended up where we always wanted to be.” And for Janelle, that place includes seeing the world with Christine and David. 

Christine Brown/Instagram

“They keep having all these adventures and I get to tag along as a third wheel, but it’s not awkward third wheel,” she insisted. “It’s so easy.” 

Not only does the arrangement afford her a few travel buddies, but it also provides a front row seat to a loving, deeply committed partnership. “It’s really good for me to see that,” said Janelle. While she’s not interested in dating, she continued, “someday down the road it could be a ruler—something that I would measure a relationship against.” 

As far as barometers go, it’s a good one. Relive the newlyweds’ journey that Janelle has labeled Christine’s “dream” come true.  

Instagram / Christine Brown

September 2023: Wedding Excitement

“I’m excited to be marrying @david__woolley,” Christine writes, “he loves spending time with me every day, doesn’t play games with my heart and wants me to be me. #grateful #soulmate #noplayinggames #loveofmylife2w”

The following month, the two tie the knot in Moab, Utah.

Instagram / Christine Brown

August 2023: Eat, Drink and Be Merry

“Sometimes a rain shower makes an event somehow better,” Christine says. “Thank goodness it stopped after an hour or so though. We loved hanging out with @mitchellton13 and Aspyn for a wonderful evening at #lacaille #rain #blessed #winetasting”

Instagram / Christine Brown

July 2023: London, Baby!

David joins Christine and four of her kids on a trip to England…and Wales, and Scotland and Ireland.

Instagram / David Woolley

April 2023: Best Birthday Ever? Best Birthday Ever.

“Thanks for the fun nacho date love!” Christine writes on Instagram. “I feel blessed to have someone to laugh with!”

David says on his page, “Happy Birthday! I love eating nachos with you, My Queen!”

Instagram / David Woolley

April 2023: Engaged!

The two announce their engagement.


March 2023: His Queen

“I can’t express how amazing it’s been to have David in my life,” Christine says. “He’s an incredible man and he treats me like his Queen.”


March 2023: Weekend Getaway

“Life is short, why not take a wonderful weekend get away for some fun new adventures,” Christine writes on Instagram. “I love having a partner to go on these fun new adventures with. We could not get enough of the gorgeous views. Utah is a beautiful place, there are so many secrets to explore.”

Instagram / Christine Brown

February 2023: Instagram Official

In February 2023, more than a year after Christine ends her 25-year plural (non-legal) marriage with Kody Brown, her Sister Wives costar and father of her six kids, she announces she is in a new relationship.

“I just have to tell you,” the TLC star shares on her Instagram Stories, “I am dating someone exclusively.”

The reality star, who had at the time had recently moved to Utah with her youngest daughter, continues, “He’s wonderful and romantic and so kind and everything I’ve been looking for, incredible with Truely.”

On Valentine’s Day, Christine shares her first photo of her new partner. “I finally found the love of my life, David,” she says. “The first time he held me close, it felt like my soul took it’s first breath. He’s wonderful and kind, incredible with my children and an adorable grandpa. I never dreamed I could find a love like this.”


February 2023: David’s Take

He writes on his Instagram,” My Queen #christinebrown #soulmates #queen”

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