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Shayne Oliver Leaves Hood by Air, Starts New ‘Corporation’

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He’s switching over to work on a handful of projects while based in Germany.

shayne oliver exits hood by air for own projects in germany

Shayne Oliver is exiting Hood By Air, the influential New York brand he founded in 2006, in order to focus on new projects, Business of Fashion reports. 

Hood By Air pioneered luxury streetwear, standing at the intersection of hip hop, queer and Black communities counterculture. The brand went through a series of pauses and jump starts since its early aughts founding: It went on hiatus in 2017 after internal conflicts and Oliver going to design a capsule at Helmut Lang; then, there was a comeback effort in 2020, focused on streetwear staples. However, Oliver told BoF the latter (specifically, “focusing solely on T-shirts”) didn’t align with his vision.

“I appreciate things that are highly accessible, but I also value high-end concepts,” he said. 

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Oliver remains a shareholder of Hood by Air. He recently moved from New York City to Berlin, for a fresh start and to focus on a triptych of new projects under his freshly formed Shayne Oliver Group, which he dubs a mini “corporation” of 10 people across Berlin, Paris and Miami. The Group includes Anonymous Club, a creative studio launched two years ago; As Seen by Shayne Oliver (A.S.S.O), a collection of elevated basics set to drop this fall; and an eponymous high-end ready-to-wear line to come early 2024.

Shayne Oliver Group is self-funded for now — “I just have to do it at my own pace, and I’m very comfortable with that, and that’s really where my head is at,” he told BoF. It plans to manufacture its items in Italy, Portugal and China; Zacharri Lobo, a Hood By Air alum, will manage its commercial rollout.

The designer is also venturing into other fields, such as art. The Shayne Oliver Group is working to open a three-month-long exhibition at Berlin’s Schinkel Pavillon, titled “Mall of Anonymous,” which will showcase Oliver creations alongside others’ works. 

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