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See Mandy Moore’s Chilling Return to TV After This Is Us

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This Is Us fans might want to brace themselves for Mandy Moore‘s next TV role.

In a first look at season two of Peacock‘s anthology series Dr. Death, the actress stars alongside Edgar Ramírez to tell the bone-chilling true story of Paolo Macchiarini, the Italian surgeon who was sentenced to multiple years in prison for harming his patients.

“The work I do could change the world,” Ramirez—as the disgraced doctor—says in the new teaser before a voiceover reveals his supposedly innovate practices are “all smoke and mirrors.”

But after investigative journalist Benita Alexander (Moore) pursues Macchiarini for a story, she makes a shocking discovery. “What did you do, Paolo?” Moore’s character asks in the preview. “What did you do to them?”

Things between the two only get more complicated as the lines between professional and personal begin to blur. And according to writer and executive producer Ashley Michel Hoban, the new season will tackle universal themes everyone can relate to.

“This pursuit of trust and truth is what ties our two stories together this season,” Hoban said in the Oct. 20 announcement. “Two stories that, on the surface, may not seem to have much else in common: Doctors in Sweden on the verge of a breakthrough. A journalist in New York falling in love.”

“However, both revolve around individuals made to feel small,” she continued. “They’re about people standing up to something bigger, for something bigger, and how their seemingly small choices ripple out into the world to give power and voice to those who have been made to feel powerless and silenced. These are stories that you don’t think could happen to you, until you watch this season of Dr. Death.”

Dr. Death marks Moore’s return to TV for the first time since This Is Us ended in May 2022 after six seasons. 

All eight episodes of Dr. Death premiere Dec. 21 on Peacock. Keep reading to see more first-look photos at season two.






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