Scarlett Johansson’s Favorite Holiday Gifts and Products of 2023

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Scarlett Johansson may not have an Instagram account, or social media for that matter, but trust and believe she’s living. The New York native can be spotted around Manhattan, and recently, she took her daughter, Rose Dorothy, to see The Outset display at Sephora. “She became obsessed with a freckle pen, so I just had to purchase. I love that she’s excited about expressing herself through makeup and styling,” she shares. Johansson used to enjoy watching her mom transform herself through makeup for date night occasions. “My favorite thing to do were our trips to the MAC store in the West Village,” says Johansson, adding, “Being able to share my love of beauty with Rose is like a dream come true for me!” Naturally, Rose is a huge lover of The Outset, and Johansson boasts, “our biggest fan.”

If you want to be a fan favorite to everyone on your holiday gift list, then gift the ScarJo way. Keep reading to discover her go-to gift, what she’s splurging on this season, and her white elephant gift that had everyone talking.

Holiday Gifting Tip

“My holiday gifting tip would be to give gifts that the other person wants but won’t buy themselves. It seems like an obvious tip, but I do think sometimes people fall into the trap of buying things that they like for other people, as opposed to things that the other person would like. ”

Splurge Gift

Flannel PJ Set

Flannel PJ Set

Flannel PJ Set

Now 25% Off

“A made-to-measure suit or a pair of pajamas from The Gap. I love their flannels and always buy a size too large for extra coziness.”

Go-to Gift for Anyone

The Outset Daily Essentials Travel Set

Daily Essentials Travel Set

The Outset Daily Essentials Travel Set

“The Outset Travel Set! A 10-day supply of our 3-Step Routine. Radiant, healthy skin always makes a good gift!”

Under-$50 Gift

(316 Reviews) Firming Vegan Collagen Prep Serum

Firming Vegan Collagen Prep Serum

(316 Reviews) Firming Vegan Collagen Prep Serum

“The Outset Firming Vegan Collagen Prep Serum. It’s perfect for literally everyone who is looking to get the most out of their moisturizer. I use it many times a day for a pick me up as well as mixing it with a drop of either concealer or foundation for sheer coverage.”

White Elephant Gift

7-10 Hanging Light Puffer Fish Real Blowfish Lamp – Etsy

7-10 Hanging Light Puffer Fish Real Blowfish Lamp - Etsy

7-10 Hanging Light Puffer Fish Real Blowfish Lamp – Etsy

“I brought a vintage puffer fish light fixture to a white elephant party, and it was surprisingly popular!”

Go-to Stocking Stuffer

(151 Reviews) Botanical Barrier Rescue Balm

Botanical Barrier Rescue Balm

(151 Reviews) Botanical Barrier Rescue Balm

“The Outset Botanical Barrier Rescue Balm is the absolute perfect stocking stuffer. It’s a multitasker, which I absolutely love.”

Amazon Gift

Amazon Amazon eGift Card

Amazon eGift Card

“I think most people like an Amazon gift card.”

The best holiday gift you’ve ever received

“The best holiday gift was my nephew, August! He was born a little while after Christmas. We spent that Christmas Eve pampering my sister, who was ready to burst!”

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