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Saweetie Combined the Coquette and Mob Wife Trends in Her New Manicure — See Photos

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At any given time, two very different beauty trends can be simultaneously having a moment, and like parallel lines, never the twain shall meet. Right now, for example, we’re still seeing the coquette bow trend going strong (yet soft) while the mob wife aesthetic is showing up pretty much anywhere the coquette look isn’t. But one trailblazing celebrity is bold and brave enough to marry the two seemingly disparate looks into a single, fabulous manicure: Saweetie.

Saweetie shared a Reel to Instagram on Friday, January 26, showing off her new set, and everything about the presentation screams “I am united in wedlock with a mobster, thank you for asking” — the ascending Rolls Royce hood ornament, the fur coat, and, of course, the manicure itself.

These nails really capture the mob wife aesthetic in multiple ways, starting with the length and shape: super-long stiletto points. Then you’ve got the classic French manicure combo of a sheer pink base with white tips. Next comes must-have mob wife ostentation in the form of diamonds, pearls, and other gems placed atop the polish for maximum glam.

But the bulk of the flashiness comes in the form of a nod to another huge beauty trend: bows. On each of Saweetie’s nails, where the white tip meets the pink base, is a metal bow — we’re assuming platinum or white gold — topped off with 13 additional sparkling stones.

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