Sarah Paulson’s Malibu Home Will Inspire Your Next Beach Getaway

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Sarah Paulson has mastered Malibu magic.

The Run actress invited readers into her 500-square-foot beach home for Architectural Digest‘s March issue. The property, a trailer nestled in the famed Southern California city, was one she purchased after her dog showed a love for the area.

“I don’t know if this is gonna sound strange. It certainly won’t to anyone who is wild about their pets,” Sarah explained to AD in a video tour of her space. “I brought my dog to my friend’s house. She has a house in the same area and I took my dog for a walk on the beach. I’ve never seen my dog so happy.”

Sarah continued with a laugh, “So, I actually really got the house for my dog. That’s the truth.”

Now, the 48-year-old is the owner of a seaside hideaway that has no shortage of character. The property, which was transformed with the help of Nickey Kehoe co-owner Amy Kehoe and Jeff Spiegel of Heartwood Construction + Design, features elements such as stow-away storage compartments, brass hardware and a purple exterior.

Declaring that the residence is “very small,” Sarah noted, “To me, it almost feels cozier that way and I’m not just saying it because it’s what my space is, but it actually feels like being in a little book nook with very, very beautiful touches all over.”

Those alluring touches include walls with white shiplap in the living room that mark a nice contrast to the varying printed fabric found on throw pillows, a rug and on a curtain that separates the bedroom from the living area.

AD/Jenna Peffley

In the kitchen, which is Sarah’s favorite place in the house, those white shiplap walls take center stage next to cream-colored stone countertops with an emerald vein—something that reminds the American Horror Story alum of sea foam. The cooking space also holds a piece of art that Sarah’s partner Holland Taylor got her for her birthday.

AD/Jenna Peffley

The sleeping space boasts a floating nightstand, purple floral wallpaper and a gold wall light from Soane Britain all working in perfect harmony.

“There’s no disconnect between Sarah’s personal style and her home style,” Sarah’s interior designer Amy told the outlet. “She is really dialed in and has excellent taste in all things, and there is a current femininity to her style that’s so modern and thoughtful.” 

Indeed, the space’s design is quite impressive. It may come as a surprise to learn Sarah was someone who never saw themselves owning and decorating a house.

“It felt like too much responsibility. Only grown-ups did that, not me,” she shared. “I always wanted that Manhattan life, an apartment with a doorman, if you were lucky. Owning a home never held that allure.”

AD/Jenna Peffley

Now, Sarah has a new perspective and a beach home in Malibu worth gushing over.

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