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Welcome to Same Same, But Different. As Gen Z and millennial fashion editors, respectively, we know a thing or two about shopping—for all ages, and especially our demographics. As we find the best products for you, we can’t help but do a little shopping for ourselves and build our personal (age-appropriate) wish lists. And now, we’re sharing them with you. Ahead, check out what’s in our hearts and in our carts lately.

Dale: Well, well, well. It’s nice to meet you on the interwebs (and at our desks) again! I know January is nearly over, but in the tried-and-true spirit of the new year I ask you this: What are you setting your sights on in 2023? Whether you’ve got your eyes set on personal goals or specific products to help achieve them, I’m all for it. So, you tell me.

Meg: More fresh air, more sunlight, more of the things that nourish me and my body. After the hedonism of the holiday season, it makes sense that we collectively embrace better habits and wellness each new year. And, look! We made it past Quitter’s Day (January 13, the date most people have already dropped their resolutions). Exercise and self-care have been pivotal to my routine for years. Still, there are things I could definitely improve. Case in point: my posture. It’s slump city over here. You and I are always tossing around the idea of getting standing desks, and I think it’s time we finally do it. Whaddya say?

Dale: Standing desks? Oh, I’m ready for it—be it one to rest atop our office desks or a chic WFH option from Flexispot. If I’m being honest, I got my dad one of these a while back, and he is obsessed. Now, I’m eyeing one for myself. Aside from living a more ergonomically aligned life, I’ve been doing my best to live more intentionally. Before I get all woo-woo over here, that means developing more of a routine. To start my days, I’ve been going to the gym or opting for an at-home session with The Pilates Class (new year, new Dale). That also means getting outside more and staying hydrated by chugging coconut water, because that is my nectar. I will be the first to admit that when it’s less than 40 degrees out, I am the last to do any of this. Aside from that, I’m trying to make my home clothes feel less…schlubby. My favorite way to do that is with a cute knit set for lounging, or a cozy matching sweatsuit.

Shop Dale’s Wellness Essentials

Pilates Digital Subscription

The Pilates Class Pilates Digital Subscription

Marl Cardigan

Live the Process Marl Cardigan

Marl Flare

Live the Process Marl Flare

Off-White & Orange XT-6 Skyline Low-Top Sneakers

Salomon Off-White & Orange XT-6 Skyline Low-Top Sneakers

Now 16% Off

Hangover Subscription

Vita Coco Hangover Subscription

Anyway, I know we’ve been discussing the delights of deadlifts in our corner of the office, but what else are you doing to add wellness to your life?

Meg: Coconut water! Simply the best. Hydration is so crucial. I take my 73-ounce HydroJug everywhere I go…so much so that it’s borderline embarrassing. Anyway, I, too, shrivel up in cold temps and struggle to accomplish much at all. But I find that keeping myself organized helps quite a lot. My tried-and-true weekly planner is an absolute godsend (and I’m very picky about planners). Aside from triple-checking my calendar every morning, I’m beating the mid-winter blues with—drum roll, please—hot yoga. There’s something healing in intentional sweating, as opposed to sweating on my walk to work. I’m a big believer in one-pieces for yoga—because who wants to deal with a baggy tee in their face during downward dog?—and mat towels.

Shop Meg’s Wellness Essentials

Transcend Bodysuit

Athleta Transcend Bodysuit

Anacapa Mid GTX Waterproof Hiker

Hoka Anacapa Mid GTX Waterproof Hiker

Grounded No-Slip Towel

Alo Yoga Grounded No-Slip Towel

Dale: Oh, I feel you on the planner—I currently have two along with this cute notebook, plus a weekly notepad (they all have different purposes, I swear!). I love stationery to the point where maybe it’s a bit of an obsession, but I also love embracing new tech. See: a new smartwatch to actually track my workouts and daily habits instead of…guessing. Plus, a solid pair of earbuds that truly do not fall out of my ears; they’re great for when I’m moving (and when I’m not). For the low-key days, I’ll be using this gadget from Therabody to (gently) whip my face into shape with a nice massage—with that, I’ll officially be ready for some true TLC.

Beats Fit Pro x Kim Kardashian

Beats Beats Fit Pro x Kim Kardashian

Galaxy Watch 5

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Now 17% Off

The Clean Essentials

Blueland The Clean Essentials

Meg: I don’t know why, but I just haven’t been keen to jump on the smartwatch bandwagon. Minimizing my screen time, perhaps? You’ll have to keep me posted on how you like it. My other wellness heroes of late have been probiotics because I’m suddenly very concerned about my gut biome (why?), and SLEEP. My Buffy comforter actually makes it impossible to get out of bed. Good sleep giveth, and good sleep taketh away. This year, I also want to cut back on my alcohol consumption. I’m thanking the herbal gods for my favorite CBD pre-rolls to replace those after-work cocktails. I opted out of Dry January, however, because sometimes you’ve just gotta live a little. Holistic wellness is about finding balance, wouldn’t you agree?

The 1.0 Legging - Black

MAAT The 1.0 Legging – Black

Hemp CBD Pre Rolled Joints,10-Pack

Dad Grass Hemp CBD Pre Rolled Joints,10-Pack

Cloud Comforter

Buffy Cloud Comforter

Now 15% Off

Wild Mint & Eucalyptus Classic Candle

Nest New York Wild Mint & Eucalyptus Classic Candle

Probiotics for Women with Organic Prebiotics

Physician’s Choice Probiotics for Women with Organic Prebiotics

Now 21% Off

Dale: I’d say so! Nobody’s perfect—and finding the right balance for you is a task in and of itself. Speaking of, I’ve been aiming to get my apartment in tip-top shape so I’m not always overwhelmed by its chaotic state at the end of every month (and thus burdened by the dramatic deep clean). I truly love my Blueland products, for everything they are (and for keeping it all straightforward), so there’s no doubt I’ll be needing a restock on refills soon. Other than that, I’m chipping away at outfitting my very humble abode with some pretty home décor—but I suppose that’s a conversation for another column.

Meg: Décor! Be still my gallery wall-hanging heart. Until next time!

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Dale Arden Chong

Dale Arden Chong is the Senior Fashion Commerce Editor at Previously, she was an editor at and has written for Who What Wear, GLAMOUR, The Coveteur, and more. She loves fashion, food, and art, among other things—but her greatest love is K-pop idol V of BTS. 

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Associate Fashion Commerce Editor

Meg Donohue is the Associate Fashion Commerce Editor at Her passions include spicy foods, sustainability, and the Y2K remake of Charlie’s Angels. She will never stop hoping for a One Direction reunion tour.

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