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WEEK OF June 12 – 1 8, 2023

You’re the global adventurer of the zodiac, Archer, and for some of you, “home” is just a place to reboot, recharge and do laundry in between escapades. But starting this Saturday, June 17, as structured Saturn shifts into reverse in your domestic quarters, Chateau Sagittarius may become the focus of increased energy and far more meaningful interactions—out of choice AND obligation. From now until November 4, family commitments could shorten your leash and keep you closer to base camp than you prefer. You get to make the final decision on everything, of course. But remember the value of nurturing the ties that bind.

And while you’re introspecting, have a look at the quality of your relationships. Your sign is associated with self-authorization and freedom, which are core values in your life. You would never ignore a friend or relative in need, yet in your quest to do the right thing, is it possible that your sense of duty is keeping you unhealthily enmeshed? Rather than enabling your inner circle to lean on you MORE, it would be better for all parties to find constructive ways to empower them to act for themselves.

Retrogrades can cause initiatives to backslide, or they can change the rules of engagement. With that in mind, consider whether this is actually the right time to launch a huge renovation project or make a major move. If you can’t avoid it, stack the deck in your favor by hiring the best, and don’t sign off on a single thing until you’ve gone over it with the finest-toothed comb. Or maybe this Saturn reversal will lead you to downsize your plan before it mushrooms too far beyond expected costs and timelines. You might decide to work out some new agreements with the people living under your roof. What’s good for the goose isn’t necessarily acceptable to the gander. 

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Romantic renaissance time! Independent agent you may be, but starting on Sunday, June 18 (late night June 17 in some places), two will be your new lucky number. The only Gemini new moon of the year lands boots up in your relationship corner, bringing its fresh-start energy to bear on all your important relationships. But any change that blows in starts with you and your desires, Sag!

Single? This galvanizing lunation can bring clarity to what you’re truly seeking and keep you focused on that. Your call whether you want a life partner or a summer fling. Either way, the clearer your vision, the greater your chances of manifesting it. Envision this person’s energy and how it FEELS when you’re together. Sure, you could randomly bump into someone in the coffee queue, but putting some sincere effort into it will enhance your prospects. Ask friends to make introductions, dress up a little more when you go out, check out new dating apps. This go round, spend some time crafting a profile that reflects the real you, upload a couple fun new photos, and plan to spend more energy on your search. And give swipes who aren’t your usual “type” a chance. They may surprise you in the best possible way.

In a new relationship and eager to take a next step? Find out how serious THEY are by testing the waters with some subtle future-oriented conversations. Coupled Archers: What next step would you like to take in the coming six months? And the big question: Is your partner aware of this? A fresh-start new moon in communicative Gemini offers the perfect chance to share!

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