Rumer Willis’ Life As a Mom

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Rumer Willis Gives Birth, Shares First Photo of Newborn

No rumors here: Rumer Willis is embracing the magic of motherhood. 

Rumer, who turned 35 on Aug. 16, welcomed her first baby with musician Derek Richard Thomas during a home birth this past April, the couple officially introducing their daughter Louetta Isley Thomas Willis on Instagram.

And since Lou’s arrival, Rumer—the oldest of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore‘s three daughters together—has candidly opened up about her birthing and postpartum experiences, sharing vulnerable posts on social media about her accepting changing body and her connection with her child. 

The actress has also penned emotional tributes to her famous parents, as well as her two sisters, Scout, 31, and Tallulah, 29. But Rumer saves the most sentimental posts for Lou, whom she called “the greatest joy and gift of my life” in a May 14 post. 

But Rumer became her most vulnerable yet when she posted a nude photo on Aug. 14, marveling at how she “looks and feels a little different now” and expressing she was “truly in awe” of herself after giving birth. 

Get an inside look at Rumer’s first few months as new mom: 

Instagram/Rumer Willis

Welcome to the World, Lou

Rumer Willis welcomed her first child with boyfriend Derek Thomas in April 2023, introducing their daughter Louetta Isley Thomas Willis to the world in an Instagram post.

“You are pure magic,” Rumer captioned the photo. “You are more than we ever dreamed of.”

Rumer, the eldest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, revealed Lou was born at home and later shared images of her birth experience.

Instagram/Rumer Willis

A Love Letter

One month after Lou’s birth, Rumer penned an emotional message to her daughter, sharing that she had “waited and dreamed of you my whole life.”

“You have changed my life in the most profound way,” the House Bunny actress continued. “It is the privilege and honor of my life to be your Mother and I will do everything and anything for you always. I hope you never stop wanting to sleep next to me or take baths with me.”

Rumer went on to thank her sisters, Tallulah Willis and Scout Willis, for supporting her through her pregnancy and at-home birth experience. 

To my sisters, my best friends, my partners in crime,” she wrote, “to have you there to share in the moment that I was able to bring my girl in the world is a moment I will never forget. You have watched and supported me on the journey and know what it meant to bring another precious girl into our lineage.”

Instagram/Rumer Willis

Waiting on You, Lou

“One of the first things i said after you were born was ‘oh my girl, I missed you,'” Rumer revealed in a May 14 Instagram post. “I feel like i have always known you and you me. You are the most beautiful creature I have ever met.”

The actress added, “Every moment and contraction and every bit of the pain of birth was worth it and I would do it a thousand times over if it means getting to spend one sec with you.”

Instagram/Rumer Willis


Just days before her 35th birthday, Rumer posed nude in an Instagram photo, reflecting on her body image in the caption.

Sharing that she had spent “so many years trying to shape and mold” her body into something she “thought was desirable,” the Dancing With the Stars champion celebrated that she is “a little softer and rounder and jiggly and different” after giving birth.

“That’s ok, more than ok it’s kind of amazing because I grew a person inside of it,” she wrote. “I know my body is still readjusting, but whatever shape it ends up in I am just grateful for all that it did and continues to do.”

Acknowledging her “ongoing process of transformation,” Rumer explained that she was “grateful for every twist and turn” of her postpartum journey.

“My breasts, might be bigger and perhaps ever so drifting downward but what a gift and privilege that they can feed and provide nourishment for my Lou,” she wrote. “They also make a fantastic pillow while we cosleep. My hips and tummy, now softer and rounder, cradle my daughter in safety, warmth, and love.”


“Best Girl Dad in the Game”

Rumer paid tribute to her dad on Father’s Day, writing that seeing the Die Hard actor—who was diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia earlier this year—hold his first grandchild as “something I will treasure for the rest of my life.”

“His sweetness and love for her was so pure and beautiful,” Rumer shared of Bruce. “Papa I’m so lucky to have you and so is Lou. Thank you for being the silliest, most loving, coolest Daddio a girl could ask for.” 


It’s the Little Things

In an Aug. 11 post, Rumer listed several life happenings that had brought her joy lately, including putting “tiny bows in tiny hairs,” the “most precious toe buttons” and “mini naps with mini hands.” 


Life Partner

“I am so grateful to have you in my life and our daughters life,” Rumer captioned a birthday post for Thomas in May. “You are such a great dad and our girl is so lucky to call you papa.”

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