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Rihanna’s Take on Film Noir Hair Is Equal Parts Curly, Poofy, and Swoopy — See the Photos

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Rihanna is many things: musician, beauty brand founder, one of the best-dressed people on the planet, mother of two adorable sons, and now … a film noir star? Well, sort of. Rihanna and her partner A$AP Rocky put their twist on the popular ‘40s genre to promote Fenty Beauty’s Lux Balm Ultra-Hydrating Cherry Lip Balm, complete with Rih’s take on film noir femme fatale hair.

In the black and white short film, titled Born to Steal: Yours, Mine, Ours, Rihanna plays a “classy dame” who has “odd ways of showing her affection” — namely, swiping her partner’s lip balm. The star goes full retro glam for the video, wearing her hair in a short, fluffed-out curly bob. Her hair is much darker than the honey-blonde shade she’s been sporting most recently, befitting of the lip balm-stealing vixen she plays in the short. The bob is deeply parted to one side as many ‘40s and ’50s hairstyles often were, with a few swoopy little ringlets gelled down across her forehead. The top section curls are more defined, evolving into a poofy cloud of brushed-out curls near her cheekbones and down past her chin, hitting just above her collarbones. It’s retro-inspired for sure, but done the Rihanna way: impossibly cool, timeless yet cutting-edge, and bound to end up on a million moodboards.

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