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Remarkable Drone Footage Captures a New Volcanic Eruption in Iceland

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#drones #Iceland #Isak Finnbogason #nature #video #volcanoes

A gif from drone footage of a volcano in Iceland.

All images © Isak Finnbogason

Photographer and drone pilot Isak Finnbogason captured stunning footage of a new eruption on Iceland’s Reykjanes peninsula in December, documenting the nearly two-mile-long lava vent on the first day it was active. Streams of magma rolled across the snowy landscape, creating a dramatic contrast between the frozen surface and molten earth surging up from below.

See more of Finnbogason’s aerial shots on his YouTube, and follow him on Instagram for updates. You might also like this video, filmed at night, which just shared of last summer’s incredible eruption.

A magma flow on a snowy landscape in Iceland.

A magma flow on a snow landscape in Iceland.

#drones #Iceland #Isak Finnbogason #nature #video #volcanoes

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