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Primary Colors and Dappled Textures Give Muhammad Fatchurofi’s Illustrations a Trippy, Nostalgic Feel

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Primary Colors and Dappled Textures Give Muhammad Fatchurofi’s Illustrations a Trippy, Nostalgic Feel

an illustration of a koi fish jumping from one side of a book page to another. both are in blue and the background is red

“Leap.” All images © Muhammad Fatchurofi, shared with permission

Semarang, Indonesia-based artist Muhammad Fatchurofi translates the dappled, grainy textures of the printing press into his vivid illustrations. Whether sketching on paper or digitally, Fatchurofi gravitates toward surreal, mind-bending scenes tinged with nostalgia that he renders in bright, bold shades of primary colors. In one work, a cairn sandwiches a seated green figure between the stones, while another features a red koi fish leaping from a rippling blue page. “For me, these basic colors give a sense of boldness, vibrant, full of energy,” he says.

Fatchurofi works with a long list of editorial and commercial clients, including The New York Times, Google, and Bandcamp, which he balances with personal projects. He likens his practice to journaling, explaining:

I’m interested in using illustration as a mindful way of documenting thoughts, interests, and experiences in my daily life. Within this practice, I try to reflect on my thoughts and experiences in a more positive outlook and to learn something from it. The result is often described by my audience as peaceful and calming.

Fatchurofi is currently working on a series of acrylic paintings he plans to exhibit later this year and adding more limited-edition prints to his shop. Follow his work on Instagram.

a green figure is sandwiched between a stack of stones in a body of water with a red backdrop

“Life is Hard”

two figurative silhouettes in blue with a white grid, facing each other, flowers growing from the figure on the left to the right with yellow butterflies on the left figure's head


a flower grows from a slice of watermelon with flames near its base


a figure sleeps at the bottom, then crouches over a seedling, then stands among plants, and finally rises at the top to white flowers


stacks of thin masks of faces in blue, green, and red tower over a tiny red figure walking through them


a green figure fades to the left as it peers through the doorway to a blue world with similar figures doing the same


A hummingbird with a beak in a red flower. it's body drips into a yellow puddle at the bottom of the composition that takes the shape of a figurative silhouette


#Muhammad Fatchurofi

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