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Peach Makeup Will Be One of Spring 2024’s Top Beauty Trends

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The hype around the Pantone’s annual color usually dies down a month or so after its announcement — but not this year. Peach Fuzz (2024’s “favorite” color) is proving to be quite popular, at least in our makeup palettes. Though a soft pink-peach blush isn’t groundbreaking (and we are big fans), this season, celebrities on the red carpet and models on the runway are going full-on monochromatic in the pastel shade.

The color had several award-worthy moments at the Oscars. Stars including Hailee Steinfeld, Greta Gerwig, and Eva Longoria wore the color on their cheeks, lips, and eyelids. On the fall winter 2024 runways, models at the Paul Costelloe and Susan Fang shows wore bright yet diffused peachy blush across their cheeks and glossy apricot-stained lips.

Ahead, makeup artists share why peach makeup is so damn flattering, and exactly how to wear it.

Meet the experts:

What makes peach makeup so wearable?

From a color theory standpoint, peach contains nearly every undertone. No matter how fair or deep your skin is, the color peach adds a warm, skin-brightening glow. “Because peach can be a brightener for under eyes or hyperpigmentation that appears blue or gray — on the color wheel, the opposite of blue is orange — the color can add a lot of light to the face,” makeup artist Tommy Napoli explains to Allure. “This means one can neutralize [dark spots] versus covering with a thick layer of foundation or concealer.”

“It’s [a mix of] pink, orange, red, and yellow,” makeup artist Joseph Carrillo tells Allure. “These are all colors we look for when trying to find the perfect foundation shade.” With all those tones combined, peach becomes as close to “universal” as possible. (If only foundation could be that way, right?) It’s also the warmest of all the pastels, so it can help you look fresh and awake even when you’re running on nothing but caffeine and a prayer.

How to find peach makeup for your skin tone

Peach and skin tones run on a parallel spectrum. “Generally speaking, the fairer your skin tone is, the softer color of peach you should go for,” makeup artist Min Min Ma tells Allure. “The darker you are, the deeper you can go. Think deep corals, apricots, and even bright oranges.”

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