Papier-Mâché Critters Traipse and Trot in Delighful Sculptures by Diana Parkhouse

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A small paper mache fox, made of book pages

All images © Diana Parkhouse, shared with permission

Nuzzling against each other, moseying along, or convening with a group of forest friends, Diana Parkhouse’s papier-mâché personalities capture her passion for nature and love for animals. Based in Nottingham, the Australian artist is especially connected to the U.K. region, depicting its common woodland wildlife, such as foxes, hares, and badgers.

Swathed in words, each charming creature is formed using upcycled book pages and papier-mâché techniques. Increasingly aware of her impact on the environment, Parkhouse turned to found materials in an effort to render all of her sculptures biodegradable and repurpose as much as she could.

The artist has always enjoyed crafting miniature creations, and though small in stature, each figure presents a compelling and endearing nature. “Small things have always brought me great joy, I don’t know why,” she tells Colossal.

My father took me to an estate auction once when I was about 8 years old…There was a box with a miniature tea set in it which I’d admired as we looked about the lots before the auction started. He of course bid on it and won it for me…I remember spending an entire summer making tiny plasticine pies!

Make sure to visit Parkhouse’s website and Instagram for more forest friends and news about updates to her shop.

Two small paper mache polar bears, made of book pages

Two small paper mache foxes, made of book pages

Asmall paper mache raccoon, made of book pages

A group of small paper mache animals including foxes, a racoon, a wolf, and a dog, made of book pages

Two small paper mache rabbits, made of book pages

Two small paper mache ducks, made of book pages

#animals #Diana Parkhouse #paper #sculpture

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