Olivia Munn Shares She Underwent a Hysterectomy Amid Cancer Battle

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Olivia Munn Details “Terrifying” Breast Cancer Journey

This Mother’s DayOlivia Munn is sharing a heartbreaking but hopeful personal update amid her recovery from breast cancer.

The 43-year-old revealed that that in April, she made the decision to undergo a full hysterectomy, which marked her fifth surgery since she was diagnosed with the disease last year.

“I have now had an oophorectomy and hysterectomy,” she told Vogue in an interview posted May 12, two months after she went public with her diagnosis of luminal B breast cancer in both her breasts. “I took out my uterus, fallopian tubes, and ovaries.”

According to the magazine, Munn decided to undergo the procedure instead of continuing to take injections of Lupron, or leuprolide, which lowers the body’s level of estrogen—a hormone on which her particular form of cancer feeds. The medication, which is also often used routinely in IVF and egg freezing treatments, can lead to multiple side effects such as extreme fatigue. For Munn, it was simply unbearable.

“It was next-level, debilitating exhaustion,” she said. “I would wake up in the morning and almost immediately need to get back into bed.”

The Newsroom alum, who shares son Malcolm, 2, with partner John Mulaney, continued, “If you asked Malcolm, ‘Where does Daddy work?’ He’d run to his [dad’s] desk, and if you asked him, ‘Where does Mommy work?’ He’d point to my bed. It was so sweet. But at the same time, it was breaking my heart because this is his image of me.”

Previously, Munn underwent a full double mastectomy to remove all the tissue in both breasts, a lymph node dissection, reconstructive breast surgery and a nipple delay, which improves blood flow and circulation to the areas before a mastectomy.


She told Vogue that while a full hysterectomy was a big decision, it was the best one for her, adding, “I needed to be present for my family.”

While the actress won’t be able to become pregnant, she and John still plan to expand their family through surrogacy. Munn told Vogue she froze her eggs three times since age 33, and most recently last year after learning she had breast cancer, and that “two healthy embryos” were created from her latest round of IVF.

“A surrogate isn’t a scary prospect to me anymore because there’s nothing I can do,” Munn said. “I don’t have the ability to carry a baby anymore, so if we want to build our family, this is our option.”

She continued, “This journey has made me realize how grateful I am to have options for not only fighting cancer, but also having more children if we want, because I know a lot of people don’t have those options.”

After Munn’s interview was posted, John paid tribute to his partner on his Instagram Stories. “My son has the most incredible mommy and he knows it,” the comedian wrote. “It’s the most loving and silliest relationship I’ve ever seen. Happy Mother’s Day, Liv.”

Look back at Olivia and John’s family photos over the years…

Instagram/Olivia Munn

Time to Celebrate

John Mulaney and Olivia Munn celebrated their son Malcolm‘s second birthday in November 2023.

Instagram/Olivia Munn

Way to Go, Idaho

The parents took Malcolm to the Gem State in June 2023.

Instagram/Olivia Munn

Little Moments

Olivia shared this photo of her family of three on Father’s Day 2023.

Instagram/Olivia Munn

Life’s a Beach

John and Olivia hit the beach with Malcom in March 2023.


Let Them Eat Cake

The couple rang in theirMalcolm’s first birthday in November 2022, with Olivia joking that her mom Kim was getting “impatient” with the cake-cutting.


Making Memories

John celebrated his 40th birthday with Olivia and Malcolm in August 2022.


Doting Dad

Olivia snapped a sweet moment between John and their son on stage at Red Rocks Amphitheatre in Colorado in April 2022.


New Parent Pals

The family of three posed alongside fellow parents Dan Levy and Rachel Specter with their daughter Penny.


4 Months

Olivia and John celebrated Malcolm turning 4 months old on March 24, 2022.


Birthday Boy

“Daddy” John cuddled with Malcolm on his 4-month birthdate before heading out to Texas.


Mommy & Me

The actress shared, “It’s been 4 months since the happiest, chillest baby came into my world.”


Love at First Sight

John peered over at his baby boy in this throwback photo from his birth. The comedian wrote in March 2022, “Four months ago I met a 6 lb boy who changed my life forever.” 


Boys Reunited

Olivia captioned this adorable embrace with a teddy bear emoji.


In the Family

Olivia shared a pic of Malcolm with his grandma a.k.a. the “retired tiger mom.” 

Instagram / Olivia Munn

“Buttered Biscuit”

Olivia gushed over her baby boy.


Baby Playdate

Olivia and John introduced Malcolm to friends Henry Golding and Liv Lo Golding, as well as the couple’s daughter Lyla, in January 2022. 


Dads on Duty

John and Henry were seen laughing as they held up their tiny tots.


New Moms

The friends snapped a selfie while introducing their babies.


First Friends

As Olivia wrote, “Malcolm met Lyla today.”

Instagram / John Mulaney

Sweater Weather

Olivia and John were pictured arm-in-arm during a sweet moment, seemingly gazing at their little one in January 2022.


A Visit From Uncle Pete

“Uncle” Pete Davidson visited Malcolm in January 2022.

Instagram / John Mulaney

Baby Kisses

John gave his son a kiss on the cheek.



Malcolm fell asleep in dad’s carrier during an outing at the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena, Calif.

oliviamunn / Instagram

New Year Together

The Newsroom actress celebrated New Year’s Day 2022 with a new pic of Malcolm.

Instagram / John Mulaney

A Walk With Dad

John shared a selfie with his Malcolm, kept cozy in a blue beanie, while they took a walk.


Mom Life

Olivia shared that this was what it looked like “when your friend shows up and surprises you with a blowout even though you’re in your robe and not going anywhere.”

She said the new ‘do made her “feel a little less post partum.”

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