Nicole Scherzinger Has Never Had Hair Like This “Winona Ryder Pixie Cut” — See the Photos

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Nicole Scherzinger likes to keep us on our toes. The musician and Masked Singer host loves a well-timed hair surprise, and her latest transformation may be her most dramatic yet — which is really saying something, given that this is the woman who has recently worn a shaggy wet-look bob and glamorous pink hair like it’s NBD. And the best part? Her new look was directly inspired by another icon — the one and only Winona Ryder.

Stylist Dimitris Giannetos, who often works with Scherzinger and is responsible for many of her scroll-stopping transformations, shared a snapshot of the star wearing what he called a “Winona Ryder pixie cut,” a tousled and textured chop with piecey bangs reminiscent of the instantly recognizable short cut worn by Ryder throughout the ’90s.

“Winona Ryder was my inspo because she gave us major hair moments in the ‘90s and I feel we never gave it the attention it’s worth,” Giannetos told Allure. “It’s something between pixie and bob, basically the bixie hair cut.” He cut the hair with lots of razored layers and styled the bangs toward Scherzinger’s brows for that signature ‘90s undone chic. To make the hair look wet without actually spraying it down with water — which certainly wouldn’t be practical for a long day on the Masked Singer set — Giannetos grabbed a cult classic hair oil. “To maintain the wet look I used lots of Moroccanoil because it gives an amazing moisture to the hair and keeps the wet-look effect without being wet.” The short cut is a big change for Scherzinger (and probably a temporary one) but it’s both edgy and elegant at the same time and a fun contrast to her glam strapless gown.

Makeup artist Wendi Miyake brushed Scherzinger’s lids with a pastel purple eye shadow and painted on a sleek black eyeliner, then added a wispy, long faux lash. She lined the singer’s lips with a brown lip liner and filled them in with a lighter, glossy shade.

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