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Nastasya Shulyak’s Miniature Felted Friends Sprout and Smile with Joy

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Nastasya Shulyak’s Miniature Felted Friends Sprout and Smile with Joy

a small, gray felted creature sits on a bed of stones, blending in with its environment

“Pebbles.” All photos © Nastasya Shulyak, shared with permission

Wool artist Nastasya Shulyak felts a cast of curious creatures that carry one simple purpose: to bring others joy.

Having recently moved to Georgia, Shulyak (previously) spent the last year acclimating to her new home. As the artist embraced her surroundings, the mountains, minerals, and milieu along the southern coast of the Black Sea began to inform her work. Before long, she created “Pebbles,” the first creature to come into existence since her move.

“I go to the beach for breakfast, and after a couple of minutes, I begin to sort through all the stones that I can reach,” she tells Colossal. “I see a lot of beauty in them and carry some in my pockets.” Daily rituals similar to this helped Shulyak connect to nearby nature and at the same time inspire the birth of more characters.

The artist’s wholesome woolen creatures sit in contentment and kindly look up, their small arms placed politely onto their laps. Fibrous leaves, flower buds, fungi, and stones sprout from their heads as each face bestows a warm, friendly smile.

Though she usually works with laconic forms, Shulyak shares that she plans to spend the coming months creating more complex textures and shapes. Take a look at the artist’s Instagram for new work, a look into her process, and forthcoming shop updates.

three small, felted creatures donning sprouts on their heads sit together

small, felted creatures of varying jewel tones, donning head with sprouts

a small felted creature with a mauve appearance including bulb-like shapes around the edge of their body

a small felted creature resembling a sprouting vegetable, in shades of mustard yellow and tan.

a small felted creature resembling a mushroom, in shades of gray and brown

a small green felted creature sits. it resembles a dinosaur.

various small, felted creatures sit inside a box and on top of a wooden desk

#felt #fiber art #miniature #Nastasya Shulyak #wool

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