Must Read: How Climate Change Has Affected Shopping Habits, Getting to Know Twitter’s ‘Menswear Guy’

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Plus, are we entering an age of “deinfluence”?

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These are the stories making headlines in fashion on Friday.

How climate change has affected shopping habits

Forecasting shopping trends has never been harder, due to the unpredictable weather the world has been experiencing in the face of climate change. And it’s made merchandising seasonally and managing inventory more difficult for retailers, as Sarah Kent writes in Business of Fashion. These shifts are leading to retailers seeking out seasonless products, to help navigate the unforeseeable future — and, naturally, that’s had an impact on consumers. {Business of Fashion}

Getting to know Twitter’s “Menswear Guy”

Since Twitter rolled out its “For You” tab, many people’s feeds have been flooded with content by someone who has become known as “Menswear Guy.” Whether you’re looking for commentary on the latest menswear collections or jokes about the hype of Aimé Leon Dore, @dieworkwear is the account to go to. But… who is he? GQ‘s Gabriella Paiella talked to Derek Guy, the writer behind @dieworkwear. {GQ}

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Are we entering an age of “deinfluence”?

For Beauty Independent, Claire McCormack writes about a potential age of “deinfluence,” where consumers are, frankly, over listening to online influencers. With influencer-led beauty brands being pulled from Sephora shelves and going bankrupt, plus an air of distrust surrounding beauty reviews on TikTok, the age of the influencer seems to be on the decline. Sonia Elyss, a beauty marketing strategist, told the publication: “The consumer is also getting smarter now and saying, ‘I can only listen to so many people, I can only follow so many people. Who are those people going to be?’ And choices will be made.” {Beauty Independent}

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