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Martha Stewart’s Hair Suggests She’s Very Much in Favor of Bringing Back the Bumpit — See Photos

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I’m not ashamed to admit I owned and even occasionally used a Bumpit back in the day. Although I rarely used the arched piece of plastic to go full Snooki (the patron saint of early-2010s half-up poufs) it was nice to have an easy way to add a little retro oomph to an otherwise flat hairstyle. And it appears a lot of celebrities have warmed back up to Bumpits lately — or in the case of Martha Stewart, trying one for what I’m pretty sure is her first time.

Stewart attended the Hudson River Park Friends 25th Anniversary Gala at New York City’s Chelsea Piers on Thursday, October 12, 2023, but her entire look seemed inspired by the glamour of an earlier era. Her silver sequin-covered midi dress featured roomy three-quarter sleeves and a dramatically draped tie at the neck, giving a mix of different vintage vibes. But it’s Stewart’s hair that really reached back in time.

Her signature bob, which is often made more voluminous with the help of Velcro rollers, got even more height help from some serious teasing and what I’m assuming is a Bumpit. (It’s hidden, after all, so this is just an educated guess.) The loftiness is concentrated far back on the crown — a classic, bouffant-esque way to wear this kind of look.

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