Madonna Wore At Least 3 Different Hairstyles on the Opening Night of Her Tour — See the Photos

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Madonna is back, baby! The Queen of Pop just kicked off her massive Celebration tour in London, England, and in true Madonna fashion, she left absolutely no detail unnoticed, including her many hairstyles. (Oh, and she’s also back to her signature bright blonde, so there’s that too.)

As the name of the tour suggests, the show is a celebration of Madonna’s entire career — the ‘80s pop tartlet, the ’90s glam girl, the Ray of Light spirituality and everything in between. The musician, who has long been known for her powers of transformation, switched up her hairstyles to nod to some of those iconic eras and once again, I’m left speechless at the power of backstage glam teams to make such big changes so fast. Let’s check out the main looks from the Celebration tour, shall we? (Spoiler alert: If you’re trying to avoid secrets from the show, do not scroll down!) 

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Madonna opened the show with her Ray of Light song “Nothing Really Matters” and wore her hair in loose, free-flowing waves reminiscent of that era for a portion of the show. Her hair was parted in the center for a hippie-ish vibe with a subtle dark root and styled in easy waves down her back and shoulders, perfect for dancing. If you look closely, it appears she added a pop of yellow to her mid-lengths near her ears. 

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