Lizzo Was One Big Human Flower at the 2023 Grammy Awards — See Photos

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Simply put: no one does a red carpet like Lizzo. Her appearance on the 2023 Grammy Awards red carpet is just one of many examples. On the night of February 5, the singer shut down the red carpet in a full coral ensemble, including a cape covered in head-to-toe flowers. You’d think that a floor-length floral moment such as this one would be enough, but that’s just not how Lizzo rolls… obviously. 

Once Lizzo shed the cape’s hood, she revealed a stunning set of wet curls with a singular strand shaped into a loop on the center of her forehead. Keeping with the theme, Lizzo’s eye shadow, lips, and cheeks were an almost identical shade of orange to her dress and her nails — a lengthy stiletto set topped with three-dimensional roses just the ones on the cape. 

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For posterity, here’s a must-see close-up look at Lizzo’s wet hair moment, which came courtesy of the singer’s right-hand hairstylist, Shelby Swain. Swain used Sebastian Professional Dark Oil shampoo and conditioner to prep Lizzo’s hair before applying the brand’s Dark Oil and Mousse Forte. “This preparation was the perfect foundation to create movement while maintaining luster,” Swain said in a press release.

She then used Harry Josh Pro Tools’s Cordless Flatiron “to create free-flowing shape” then “created definition using the Ceramic Cordless Curling Wand and placed the sweet finishing curl and sprayed it for a moldable finish and humidity protection.” Sebastian Professional Shaper Plus Hairspray held everything in place. 

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