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Kylie Jenner’s Hair Is Pink Again for the First Time in Years — See Photos

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As I see Gen Z-ers wearing the same outfits I wore in middle school way back in the 1900s, I’m reminded that it can take trends several decades to come back around. But if you love a certain look, there’s no hard-and-fast rule about waiting until something is verifiably vintage before you can revive it. Take Kylie Jenner, for example: She’s been open about the pastel pink hair color she had in 2018 being her all-time favorite shade, and even though it’s been only six years since that milestone moment in beauty history, the makeup mogul and reality TV star has decided to resurrect it. And while the drastic change may be surprising, the fact that it looks fabulous isn’t.

Jenner posted photos and video clips of the new look to both Instagram and TikTok. On Instagram, she wrote, “hiiiii remember me,” to accompany three selfies that reveal voluminous, long layers that pair perfectly with her cotton-candy-pink blush and rosy lips.

On TikTok, she posted a video showing her in the passenger seat of a car, playing with the middle-parted style. With that clip, she wrote, “heard its 2014 vibes this year,” which confused me at first considering her major hair-color moment 10 years ago was actually a teal ombré, not pink, but who am I to argue with King Kylie?

Fans on both platforms are fully freaking out over the return of such an iconic look. “SHES BACK OMG,” one commenter blurted out in all-caps enthusiasm, while another said what we’re pretty much all thinking: “Obsessed with the pink hair on you 🩷🩷🩷🩷”

As of yet, it’s unclear if the new hair is a wig — which she’s done a time or two since it was actually pink — or if she dyed it. If it’s the latter, she might have achieved it the same way Chris Appleton did back in 2018: He applied a pastel pink shade of Lime Crime Unicorn Hair to inch-wide strands from root to tip with an applicator brush, and after 45 minutes, he rinsed her hair in cool water and conditioned it.

We should know soon enough if this throwback look will last longer than a day or two, but either way, if this helps usher in a fantasy-color renaissance, I’m all for it.

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